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Sometimes Mondays

. . . are for sunshine.


Well.  Maybe not THIS Monday.  Because THIS Monday is full of rain.  But we have had a lot of sunshine lately.  Unusual, unseasonable sunshine.  In fact, I took the photo above on Saturday -- when the sunshine was streaming in and making my library bookshelves glow.

So. . . I'm talking figurative sunshine.  Not literal sunshine.

Today, I'm going to bring sunshine into my day.  And maybe even to the day of those people around me.  Even though there won't be any REAL sunshine.

Sunshine . . . on a rainy Monday in dark January . . . is a frame-of-mind thing.
Happy Monday.  I hope your week is off to a fine start!


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It was a gloriously sunny weekend here too! Rare winter days for sure! We even got in the 50's yesterday - and I will take it!!


(Crazy weather.) Let your sunshine GLOW!! :)


You've brought some sunshine into my world today - thanks! Love that picture. Golden.


We have lots of sunshine here today. It's cold but at least it's bright!


We've got your sunshine today! Spread your sunshine all around Kym!


I haven't seen the literal sunshine for days, so I thank you for the figurative kind! :-)


My sunshine ( though there is plenty outside) came in the grocery line very early this morning. A man behind me called out to me as I was leaving and handed me a bouquet of flowers. I was so amazed! He said when he goes to the store he will purchase flowers nd bring a smile to a stranger. Wow!


It started with sunshine, but now it is SNOWING! Crazy weather today.


Winter sunshine is special, isn't it?! ...and I think you dealt with Saturday/Monday way more gracefully in your post than I dealt with Sunday/Monday in mine .... notes taken :-)


We have had some of those lovely sunbreaks on our rainy days too. Makes me want to jump up and run outside. A little bit goes a long way.


Just as I started to read this post I looked up and saw through my window an amazing sunrise! Wow! I couldn't find my camera so it was a just for me sunrise. Today is going to be gorgeous! xox


We have had lots of sunshine and warm temps. Good days for walking for sure. I love a peek at anyone's book shelves. That book of Robert Frost's poetry - I have the same copy on my shelf! Bookshelves in golden sunshine - even better.


Sunshine today - Fri 11 Jan - ‘cause this weekend: snow is forecast! We’ll see!

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