The Snow Day Curmudgeon


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Oh dear! Stay WARM.


Love your dichotomy photo! Things here are looking frigid by Wednesday, but they're unclear about snow. Maybe you Midwesterners will be the lucky ones and get it all.


I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing that snow you are having sooner rather than later.

I think it's going to be a stay inside with tea and stitching kind of week.


Yes, I would Love to sit and watch the snow fall. ‘They’ are predicting 1-2 inches for us in TN, but until mine eyes have seen the coming of the snow, I will wait, pause, knit and read, and exercise lazy bones this week.


Just cold here! We've had so little snow this year! I was up for it but can just stay away. That bloom is a beauty! We moved Betty and Wilma to a warmer room and they exploded over the weekend. Enjoy the day Kym!


Yes. We have the snow and the wind and pretty soon the temp will be unbearable. I didn't get the memo and actually drove to work this morning! I stayed for a half-hour (to make it somewhat worthwhile) and then came home to hunker down. I'm going to need to find some time for FUN on this most-of-a-snow-day! :)


Well it’s looking pretty chilly here in Fl. But definitely snowless. This week will be getting ready for company this weekend. I will get to my spinning group on Saturday. Hopefully I be ready to ply the singles I currently finishing up.

Caffeine Girl

I'm home on a snow day, and the rest of the week is supposed to be very cold, as in 50 degrees below with wind chill. I'm going to take a walk while it's still relatively warm -- 0 degrees!


Again? Oh dear. Hope you're snuggled up with a good book, some tea, and perhaps knitting, too.


Lovely photo, Kym ... I'm looking at a day to hunker-down with OUT snow :-)


I have to say, I'm worried about my friends in the midst of that horrible storm! Sending good thoughts, warm vibes and hope it passed quickly! We are stuck in the 40s, in need of snow. Be safe! xox


Yikes! No kidding - I checked in with both kids - snow-ma-geddon is in full force! Plus some darned cold temps! Stay warm!

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