Sometimes Mondays

Order Up!

This week has been . . . full.  

Just lots of things happening all in one week, and my schedule got squeezed.

So I am looking forward to a weekend full of nothing (but snow).  I'm going to sit myself down.  Read.  Knit a bit.  Maybe start watching season 5 of Grace and Frankie (today's the release date on Netflix).  

And. . . I'm going to be using my new bell!


Order up, Honey!

(I wonder if Tom will play along?)

Have a great weekend.  
And be sure to stop by on Monday.  (Hint: I'm going to start giving away yarn. . . )


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A weekend at home sounds lovely ... especially if you can get Tom to play along ;-)


LOL I love your new bell! That is AWESOME and just what FriYAY needs! Have a good weekend!


Enjoy your snowy weekend! Love that bell!


That sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend, especially if/when drinks appear when you ding!


That bell is perfect! Have a wonderful, cozy weekend!!


My plans for the weekend are similar to yours, I have a good book (Becoming), good food on hand, some knitting, and Grace & Frankie to look forward to. I love that bell, the only problem is that I would have to train my dog to bring me a drink...she's a smart girl, maybe I can start training her during the snowstorm this weekend!


Hitting that bell too frequently *could* have a detrimental affect on the knitting. Just sayin'................ LOL

Have a wonderful weekend.


Oh, that's FABULOUS!! Maybe y'all can take turns daily, weekly, monthly... annually??? ;)
Happy Weekend, Kym!


Enjoy! I'll have about the same weekend with a big side of shoveling on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully a winning football game to watch after that. And the bell...brilliant! xoxo


That bell is fab - I might have to get one for Dale. I have taught him how to make me the perfect martini, after all. We have little planned for this weekend, too- dinner with friends tomorrow night and that's about it until Tuesday when we go back to work!

kathy b

A BELL nearly caused a divorce in my mom's house. Everytime my dad had surgery he took this damn bell and rang it for his EVERY need. My mom was a saint


I am in the “Loving the Bell” crew! Hope Tom is on board!


THAT's the way to enjoy the weekend! I hope your snowy week is relaxing and you're able to do the wonderful things you never get to do if you're too busy.


I have a bell like that -- but without the color and the *order* -- somewhere. I wonder if Smokey would play along?

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