Begin As You Mean To Go On
Highlight Reel

No, No, No!

They tried to make me go to rehab . . . 


I said no, no, no!


I ain't got the time
And if my daddy thinks I'm fine . . . 


He's tried to make me go to rehab
I won't go, go, go!


So, yeah.  Maybe an addiction?

It's been All Gnomes All the Time since Christmas.  
Well.  Not exactly true.  
Because I finished this and made this . . . in between gnomes.
Not a problem, you see?  
Not a problem at all!

How about you?  What was your holiday addiction?


Ravelry details for the gnomes are here.


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OMG! Your gnomes are just too, too cute. I don't think I'll try one though...can't get addicted to that, plus having tried the fiddly cat a couple of weeks ago, I've had enough of small things. LOL

My addition over the holiday seems to have been good food, napping and knitting (though not tremendous progress made on the last...but fun was had...).


Those are just SO cute! I've resisted looking at the pattern, though. I don't like knitting fiddly things and I just want to finish the damn Peace Cowl. I realize that isn't a very peaceful feeling but that's the way it is right now.

kim in oregon

Now I want to make all the gnomes.


I've knit four of these little imps -- so far!! I don't think I'm finished, though I have cast on something new that ISN'T a gnome. They are SO CUTE and quick to knit, tho!!


The gnomes just make me smile. I need to get knitting!


I'm not sure I had one, at least not a knitterly one.

Maybe it was podcasts. I watched an awful lot of THOSE!

P.S. The gnomes ..........uber adorable! (And, NOT a problem!!!!) LOL


Love your army of gnomes! I've had thoughts of knitting a bunch for ornaments and/or gifts for next Christmas, but then I started selfish knitting for myself and the thought passed. :-)


Love them! My hands are not tolerating small knitting right now and I've got socks to finish for Dan so there will be no shiny object worry here. Holiday addiction...other than alcohol? :-) It was a great 11 days!


Oh, your gnomes! So fun!


Gnomes! Yours are so cute. I have a needle felted gnome I made quite a few years ago. I keep thinking a Christmas tree of gnomes would seriously cute for the Festival of Trees at my local museum. I’ve even convinced my friend to help and she is on board. I envision a whole collection of gnomes some felted, some knitted and some commercial ornaments. We will get to serious work in the spring and summer.
Hmmm... I guess my addiction was hat knitting. I think I knit probably 7 from September to December with one more on the needles after Christmas. We won’t talk about the sweater I finished and frogged back so far Ill be almost knitting it twice!


Oh those gnomes! Toots sweet! LOL (they are a Potato Chip Knitting, for sure!!)


The gnomes are darling. Your other two projects - the cowl and hat are just perfect too. Happy New Year!
Knitting addiction - I seem to be stuck on fingerless mitts. My son-in-law requested a pair and he had birthday in January. Here I knit again.


Just in case you need more gnomes to knit, check out for Go Big or Go Gnome. Fun mittens that look to be right down your alley.


The little gnomes just make me laugh! SO FUNNY! They are the perfect New Year knitting distraction. If you start as you mean to go this is the thing, because!? FUN!

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