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My One Little Word 2019

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.  What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing.     --- Annie Dillard

I've been choosing a word for the year since 2011.  
That's eight words so far.  
(Move, Shine, Surprise, Possibility, Journey, Risk, Balance, Focus)  
Eight words that continue to stick with me, long after their year is up.

But none so much as Focus -- my 2018 word.  Focus . . . has brought about more thoughtful change and real, personal understanding of myself than any other word.  And I think I'm not quite finished with it yet!

Although I considered other words (because it's so much more exciting to have a fresh word for a new year), I kept rolling around to . . .  more of the same.  To the fact that there is probably more to this focus thing for me to discover.  And I decided to choose a word that kind of . . . links up to last year's word for me; a word that can allow for a further extension of my ongoing work on focus.

My word for 2019 is . . . INTENTION.

IMG_1343 2

As in purposeful, deliberate, thoughtful, considered.
How I want to act.
How I decide.
How I want to BE.

I'm eager to see where this one takes me!  It's like . . . focus . . . with MORE!

What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.
                               --- Buddha


How about YOU?  What's your word for 2019?
(I'll be linking up with Juliann to talk about our words on the last Tuesday of every month.  I hope you'll join us!)


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Since it's 2019, is this like the thing where you can't write the right year until about three months into the year? :-) I'm a big fan of doing things completely and in depth, so I'm glad you decided to give more time to Focus with Intention. I hope it provides more understanding and thoughtful change.




Great and thoughtful choice Kym. You inspire me always. xo


I think Intention is a terrific follow up to Focus. The way you work with your word each year always inspires me.


Another very good word. Imagine if more people would live with intention. A lovely thought.

kim in oregon

I'm down with intention, as you might not be surprised to know, and hope you use this one for your 2019 word too. :-)


Good word.


I love this continuation from last year, but with a deeper dig! I am excited to see where this word takes you in 2019! XO


I love that this year's word is sort of an extension of last year's...


Your words seem to build one upon the other. That is the case for many friends, I see. Moving from Focus to Intention as your word you've stepped into the macro of the word, honing your purpose and crafting a magnified vision. This is just beautiful, Kym.


Happy New Year, Kym! I've enjoyed reading your four 2019 posts and look forward to sharing another inspiring year with you! My only holiday binge has been Maisie Dobbs (with a brief 48 hour run on holiday mules while Sara was here). I love your OLW choice for 2019. I learned a lot from your Focus last year and know you'll have more to teach me this year. (I'll be Paying Attention!) Thank you!!


Excellent! I, too, am looking forward to hearing where Intention takes you this year. Happy Weekend!!


Focus leads to intention—great words and great going!


My word for 2019 is “worthy”. A reminder that I am worthy: of love, of good health, of being kind to myself. It’s a reminder of how I want to spend my time...is something worthy of the time I ave today? So many ways I can take this year’s word.


Intention seems just right for your word. Dig deep - I predict a fascinating journey through 2019.


Gosh what you think you become. Never mind focus, etc. I think my word needs to be Change. Happy New Year Kim!

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