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In the Groove

So I think my brain is in a groove kind of thing these days with my knitting.

First, it was all those gnomes.

Then, I got into a hat thing.  (Two pink pussyhats special-ordered by a friend; one black hat special-ordered by Erin.)

Now?  I guess I'm in a dish cloth groove.


Two done, and I just cast on for another.

It'll pass.  It always does.  
(In the meantime, I need some new dish cloths . . . )


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Sometimes "groove knitting" is the best thing ever!


I need to make some of those too...but I keep remembering how my hands hurt using the cotton and larger needles....still....that would be perfect lunch-time knitting.

Honore Francois

Your dishcloths are lovely...make handwashing dishes a very mindful experience...
Groove on!


I have to wait for the mood to strike (or to get in the groove) but once it does, I love knitting dishcloths. I dream of having all the dishes done and a cleaner house while I'm knitting them, but that part never quite comes to fruition. :-)


Yippee to you for starting your knitting plan for 2019! Groove knitting isn’t usually how I roll but when it happens so satisfying!


Dishcloths are a great "thinking of new projects" project. While you decide what you REALLY want to make, you get new dishcloths. It's a win/win.

Martha C Nichols

I have not been knitting very long. I really enjoy making dishcloths. Can you please send me the pattern that you use. Thank you. Martha

kim in oregon

I've never knit a dishcloth. I guess I should--I have plenty of yarn!


It's been a long time since I knit a dishcloth! I knit the big version baby burp cloths too. Pretty instant gratification though...:-)


Every now and then I knit a bunch of washcloths. I really like a mitered square pattern published on Ravelery by the Mitered Hybrid Dishcloth. Good for scraps but then all dishcloths are good for scraps. Nothing wrong with a knitting groove, just saying.


New dishcloths are always welcome - it's a very practical groove you're in now. (Not so much with the gnomes hahahaha)


Sometimes I hit the grooves, too--hats and dishcloths are my go-to projects.


I need to get into a dishcloth groove - my stash is down to just two and they are both pretty threadbare!


There is always something enjoyable and calming about potato chip knitting! I'm in need of something to kept me knitting! No attention span at the moment.


Maybe I need to reconsider potato chip knitting! All of you are having so much fun.

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