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My One Little Word 2019

Highlight Reel

At the end of the year, I always take a little time to look back and review the year just finishing up.  What worked.  What didn't.  How I ended up with the goals I set for myself at the beginning.  What I learned.  That kind of thing.  I find it quite helpful in a perspective kind of way, and it certainly sets the stage for figuring out what I want for myself in the coming year.  (More on that another day!)

2018 . . . turned out to be a quiet and reflective kind of year for me.  Even-keeled.  Not a lot of drama.  It was peaceful, really.  Part of this was by design:  I was working on FOCUS last year (as you probably remember), which meant clearing out, re-evaluating, slowing down, paying attention . . . and that doesn't leave a lot of room for adventure.  But part of my quiet year was just . . . luck.  Some years are just full of more surprises than others, and this past year?  Not a lot of call to be reactive.  (It's nice to have one of those once in a while.)

As part of my review process, I make a list of highlights from the last year.  Things that make me particularly happy, or that went well, or that I'm relieved about.  (I also make a list of lowlights.  I'll spare you.)  Here are three things from my 2018 highlight reel:

1 -- In my journal this past year, on three separate occasions I declared last summer to be the "best summer of my adult life."  Why?  Tom and I spent almost half the summer up north at our cottage.  It was relaxing and fun and we developed an easy routine up there.  I also had a great garden season at home, with a number of long-anticipated projects completed, a more relaxed attitude about what constituted "good enough," and time to just BE in the garden.  I loved every minute!


2 -- After 15 years, I finally re-decorated my dining room -- and I just love it.  (You can't believe how good it feels to begin 2019 with "deal with dining room" - finally - absent from my list of goals.)


3 -- I got to see Hamilton.  Twice.


What's on YOUR 2018 highlight reel?


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