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Highlight Reel

At the end of the year, I always take a little time to look back and review the year just finishing up.  What worked.  What didn't.  How I ended up with the goals I set for myself at the beginning.  What I learned.  That kind of thing.  I find it quite helpful in a perspective kind of way, and it certainly sets the stage for figuring out what I want for myself in the coming year.  (More on that another day!)

2018 . . . turned out to be a quiet and reflective kind of year for me.  Even-keeled.  Not a lot of drama.  It was peaceful, really.  Part of this was by design:  I was working on FOCUS last year (as you probably remember), which meant clearing out, re-evaluating, slowing down, paying attention . . . and that doesn't leave a lot of room for adventure.  But part of my quiet year was just . . . luck.  Some years are just full of more surprises than others, and this past year?  Not a lot of call to be reactive.  (It's nice to have one of those once in a while.)

As part of my review process, I make a list of highlights from the last year.  Things that make me particularly happy, or that went well, or that I'm relieved about.  (I also make a list of lowlights.  I'll spare you.)  Here are three things from my 2018 highlight reel:

1 -- In my journal this past year, on three separate occasions I declared last summer to be the "best summer of my adult life."  Why?  Tom and I spent almost half the summer up north at our cottage.  It was relaxing and fun and we developed an easy routine up there.  I also had a great garden season at home, with a number of long-anticipated projects completed, a more relaxed attitude about what constituted "good enough," and time to just BE in the garden.  I loved every minute!


2 -- After 15 years, I finally re-decorated my dining room -- and I just love it.  (You can't believe how good it feels to begin 2019 with "deal with dining room" - finally - absent from my list of goals.)


3 -- I got to see Hamilton.  Twice.


What's on YOUR 2018 highlight reel?


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Wow, this is excellent! What excellent things!

I absolutely have to say that my return to sewing has been perhaps the biggest highlight of 2018 - I sewed things that I actually wear! And, I even managed to sew some things for Genevieve to wear!

My plan is to keep doing that sewing thing in 2019!


What a wonderful post! I would have to say seeing Hamilton and really learning the soundtrack is high on my list as well as the completion of the big knitted blanket JoAnne and I did together. And like you 2018 was pretty easy overall! xo


I'm not sure about my 2018 highlights, because the year started off with my father's death in January. I don't mean to be negative, but his death did color the rest of the year with an underlying sadness, even during the good times. Thank goodness I blog so I could look back through 2018 to find some good things - finishing my Bluetiful hitchhiker, buying the house in MD (more highlight than lowlight, I guess!), and visiting Ryan. I love yours and hope 2019 brings MORE!


Those are some pretty special highlights. I guess mine would include watching Jackie grow, traveling with Dale to familiar (Maine and Cape Cod) and new (Nashville) places, and winning my election.


What great things (and I smile every time I see your dining room - LOVE it). 2018 seemed kind of even-keeled for me which was nice. No real highs and no real lows which is a good thing for me. Here's to a wonderful 2019 for all of us.


Hm. My workroom is the equivalent of your dining room... I recently rearranged, but that didn't help the paint situation (it's awful.)

HIGHLIGHTS: The birth of my 3rd grandchild. Some great family time(s). Lots of travel.


Isn’t nice to find a perfect spot that gives you contentment? Sounds like the lake, your garden and dining room fit the bill. Seeing Hamilton was definitely one of my highlights along with a family photo shoot that when both my daughters with their husbands and children were with us in July. I made a photo book of the pictures I loved and gave them to each family. The last highlight would b new floors in my kitchen and powder room. Boy did they need it!


A peaceful year is always good in my book. Highlights for us were visiting my kids and the birth of our first granddaughter (the fifth grandchild) and maintaining good health. Celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary.


I suppose buying an historic house would top my list. (I have ALWAYS wanted to live in a vintage home. Built in 1852 makes my house more vintage than I ever could have imagined.

Giroux starting to be a bit of a lap cat. He's always been a sit-by-you cat, not a sit-ON-you cat. After 3-1/2 years I have won his trust enough for him to sleep on by my side (actually TOUCHING me).

The year was definitely more challenging than I would have liked, but it had a couple of high points.


My high point? Mylo, Mylo, Mylo! What fun we're having!

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