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You may remember that a couple of months ago, I explained that my son-in-law is "collecting" silly headlines for a little project.  

I've been passing along goofy headlines to him (even some that y'all have sent me) now and then.  Earlier this week, though, my daughter shared one with me.  Apparently a friend had sent it to Keith, and they thought I'd appreciate it.


Now I don't know about you, but if I were going to be banned from Walmart, I'd want it to go just like that!  (Living my best life, and all that.)  How about you?




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I'm thinking the wine might have been a tad bit salty, but I can honestly see this happening. and, yup, what a great way to get banned! LOL


I ride the cart in the grocery store parking lot (on my way out) pretty much every week! But...will be chuckling the next time I'm in Wal-Mart!


I saw that on the news the other day and we discussed it at book club last night,. You just never know when the knowledge that a wine bottle fits perfectly in a Pringle's can might come in handy. #lifegoals


KDKA always wins the day on the crazy news... and I am not sure that is a good thing or not!


Is it just me or is Walmart the best source for craziness?


I would be slightly classier if I were trying to get banned from Walmart and drink my wine directly from the bottle. Everybody knows that wine doesn't pair well with Pringles.


oh my goodness. real life. and yeah, I'd be drinking my wine straight from the bottle ... Pringles are a bit too much salt for me :-)


...and here I am mortified because I forgot to wipe the coffee cup ring off my table at Starbucks because I don't want to look like a slob. Looks like Walmart is becoming Five Flags for adults. Chloe

Honore Francois

Well, that’s one way to shop @ Walmart!...if one must!


That. Is. Awesome.


I think Bonny is just flat wrong. What could be better than Pringles, wine, and riding around in a shopping cart! Way to go grrl!!! Go big or go home!


This was a question on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! yesterday. I only knew the answer because of your post :-)

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