The Siege: Day 3
Hello, February

Flowers are Magical

. . . and especially on Day 4 of The Siege!  

When it's cold outside, I like to Think Spring on the inside.  Here are three blooms that have me smiling on this super cold (but not snowing anymore so yay) day:

1 - I have blooming amaryllis . . .


2 - I have anticipating amaryllis . . .


3 -- And I have impulse-purchase-grocery-store-hyacinth (the smell is divine!) . . .


I hope you have some magical blooms in your day, too.


Be sure to stop in over at Carole's today for more Three on Thursday fun.



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Ditto- blooming amaryllis, ditto- an anticipated amaryllis, and a sorta ditto = an impulse rose-colored blooming cyclamen.


I was eyeing the cyclamen at the grocery store the other day...I may need to indulge. I love the picture of the anticipated amaryllis!


My amaryllis are very slowly coming to life - hooray! And I have tulips, too. Thanks for sharing yours, I am ready for spring!


Oh yes, I should have looked for cyclamen and hyacinths when I was at the nursery this weekend! I do have two amaryllis on the verge of blooming. This has been a good/bad year for amaryllis bulbs, but I've had some really magical blossoms!


My amaryllis are kicking butt right now too with a couple more blooms to come. Such a wonderful sight! I even have a poinsettia that I can't part with (variegated leaves - quite nice) because it's still just so pretty!


Beautiful. All my amaryllis are finished, finally, so maybe I'll have to take a peek at the blooming things in the grocery store. I always used to buy cut flowers but the little girl kitty apparently likes being a flamenco dancer, running through the house with a stem in her teeth, so I don't do that any more. For some reason she doesn't bother the plants.


Magical flowers are a necessity during The Siege and you've got that covered with lovely blossoms, anticipation of more, and delightful scent to remind you that spring will return someday!


I love the color of your amaryllis! I planted several new daffodil bulbs in the fall and am looking forward to seeing the blooms this spring!


The smell of hyacinth with definitely make the day better!


Gotta get with the program and decorate with some flowers! Thanks for the inspiration.


Such a treat for winter!

kathy b

So pretty . Id rather snow than 40s and rain

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