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Every Damn Day

I have an Every Damn Day list . . . a list of things I do, well, every damn day.  

What's on my list?  Just little things.  But important things.  Things that begin and end my day with a good feeling.  Flossing my teeth.  Applying moisturizer.  Making my bed.  Stitching . Sun salutations.  Meditation.

Doing these things . . . every damn day . . . make me feel like I accomplished something, even when my plans go off the rails.  (As they do.)

I didn't always do these things every damn day.  But at some point, I decided these things needed to become good habits that I could hang my hat on.  (Some of them - the bed-making and the flossing, for example - have been daily habits for over 30 years now.  But others - the sun salutations and the meditation, for example - have been more recent additions.)

Here, at the beginning of the new year, I've decided it's time to add three new daily habits to my Every Damn Day list.

IMG_1399 2

1 - Drink more water.  And by that I mean enough water.  According to my calculations, I need to drink close to 90 ounces of water each day, based on my weight.  More on the days I work out strenuously.  That means filling up my favorite water bottle 6 times each day.  I have tried to establish this habit many, many times over the years.  It never sticks.  This year, I want it to stick.

2 - Make time to stretch.  Like . . . really stretch. . . after my workouts.  Current fitness science (yeah, there is such a thing) stresses the importance of proper stretching after working out.  In fact, they say that stretching should be part of any balanced workout -- as important as strength and cardiovascular training.  I've got the strength  and cardiovascular training parts down pretty well, but I'm quite lax when it comes to stretching.  This year, I'm wanting to up my stretching game.

3 - Daily sketching.  Like everything else in life, you get better at the things you practice.  I want to get better at doing quick sketches, which means I need to practice.  (That perfection thing gets in the way every time.)  My plan?  Set a timer for 5 minutes and just . . . sketch.  When the time goes off . . . done.  Just for me.  Just for practice.

There you have it.  Three things I want to add to my Every Damn Day list:  Sketch. Stretch. Water.

How about YOU?  Do you have an Every Damn Day list?  And what's on it?


(In the time it took me to write this blog post, I drank the all the water in my water bottle.)  (Just sayin.)


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Excellent. Maybe when I find an app like Stand Up! (a la Carole today) for Android, I will also use it to remind me to drink some water!!


Oh man! Good luck with the water thing. That's tough for me - especially in the colder months. I need to add some things (meditation, yoga) to my daily to-do list. And stretching - so good first thing in the morning and also before bed, BUT after exercise makes sense too. I like your timer idea!


I definitely need to work on that water thing too.


I too, am trying to drink more water! It is not easy!


I am also a water failure. I put a new app on my phone and watch yesterday (and even paid for it!) so hopefully I can configure it to meet my needs. I'm aiming for at least 60 ounces not including what I drink at class so we shall see. And I don't have an EDD list but if I did I would add evening moisturizer...I really need to be better about that!


I am also working on adding things to my every day list. My big ones are to do some kind of physical activity every day and to make time to read (even if it's just 5 minutes!).


I'm actually under doctors orders to drink more water. When I was captive at a desk it was easy to get enough, but now that I'm never sitting it is hard! I've been concentrating on this endeavor! #2 would be a good thing for me to do, too. I also have started a sketch a day and have my notebook and pen on my desk. If I don't take it anywhere, I just sit and sketch something in my office, like a teacup or a pen. I'm working on honing skills (getting skills) and habit making, too.


Those are great things! Make sure you plan plenty of time to visit the bathroom every damn day if you're drinking that much water, hahahaha. Seriously, I know I should drink more water but when I up my water intake I feel like ALL I DO is head to the bathroom. So, do you keep an actual checklist of these things somewhere? Or is it just in your head?

kathy b

I love this post!

I drink a lot of water. I suffer from Bladder issues unless I stay drinking. i like my water room temp.

THree things:
communicate with Hubby, and both kids in some way. Text, talk, phone, or old fashioned mail.

count weight watcher points. BLech. But I am maintaining my 60 lb loss from 3 years ago.

Pray. Mostly in the form of begggn!


interesting ... and the comments, too! I do not have an EDD list. I have a list of things I'd like to (and mostly try hard to) do every day, but I give myself permission - not always, but sometimes, and usually for a good reason, but sometimes not - to skip. (ok, maybe except for taking vitamins and brushing my teeth.) That said, days that I do all the things on my LikeToDoList (unplugged morning, journaling, centering prayer, breakfast, pilates, clean inbox), I feel good. but sometimes the things that keep me from those things make me feel better. I'm only 10 days into the breakfast thing, but I expect that one to be up there with vitamins and teeth brushing soon!)


Every damn day I get out of bed, eventually brush and floss my teeth and sooner or later get dressed. Beyond that I make no promises. How I made it into my seventies with a schedule as sketchy as that I have no idea, but so far I have most of my own teeth which says something for the flossing. Oh yes, I walk a lot, usually with my husband. Highly recommended.


My fave EDD is MSQT - my morning solitude and quiet time...I drink lots of water all day and yes, visit the bathroom too...I think I’ll have to write my own blog post since you;be given us so much to contemplate and it’s really a great way to look at oneself. Thanks for your brilliant IDEAS Kym...you are a fountain of inspiration. Enjoy the weekend!


It took a day to respond to this because I couldn’t think of what I did EDD. I do like to knit with my morning coffee in solitude but sometimes hubby joins me. I need to keep better track of my water consumption. I need to be sure to drink plenty of water for a medical condition and can get off track. A goal would be to do at least 20 minutes of yoga each morning.


You are such a good role model! I've already reacted this week to your post about "less thinking, more doing," and now I realize that an EDD list would be a good thing for me to create and follow!


I love that your daily list has a name! And a great one, at that. For several years now my EDD steady eddies are Make Bed, Meditate, Move, & Hydrate. My new one this year is Greens by 3. Meaning, I drink all my greens before 3pm. Whether it's in the form of a smoothie in the morning or broth (may sound gross but isn't) in the Blendtec for lunch...Greens by 3 is helping to curb my sweet tooth. And that's a tall order, let me tell you!

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