Au Revoir, 2018!
No, No, No!

Begin As You Mean To Go On

"Everything for me starts very small and snowballs. So I rarely start with the grand idea and find a place for it and narrow down. It's, really, just start small, and as I'm writing it, I begin to see - sometimes to my own surprise - what's unfolding and what's blooming."
                                                                                                            --- Khaled Hosseini


And so we've arrived.  
January 1, 2019.  
The beginning of a new year!  
Who knows what will unfold . . . but I'm trying my best to begin as I mean to go on.  And I'm beginning . . . with small things. 

  • I've got my amaryllis in various stages of bloom, bud, and bulb to remind me to bloom this year.
  • I've got black-eyed peas in the crock pot and corn muffins in the oven to bring prosperity and forward movement.
  • I've taken the dogs out for a long walk as part of my ongoing commitment to movement and fitness.
  • I've organized my desk (such as it is), readied my 2019 calendar, emptied my inbox, and checked in on my finances so I can start fresh from a space that is organized and ready for work.
  • I spent a little time on my (intimidating and paralyzing) photograph-organization project to . . . just begin.  
  • I wrote in my journal and worked at setting my intentions for the year ahead so I can set a direction for myself.
  • Later today I'm going to sketch a bit.  And do a little knitting.  Open a new book. Maybe do a quick walk around the garden.  All to keep my creativity flowing, and to make sure I find time each day for the things I like best.
  • And I'll end the day with Tom . . . to connect and recharge as we head into the new year together.

How about you?  How are you preparing for the new year?



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So happy that Carole introduced us to your blog this year. I "met" Carole many years ago through Norma's blog. I've enjoyed your posts immensely. Happy New Year!


That sounds like a really lovely day full of a good mix of shoulds and wants. I haven't done much but read and knit and watch the Rose Parade but, as my last day of vacation, that's pretty much all I've wanted to do anyway.

kim in oregon

I have been stressing about what my word for this year will be but you just gave it to me. Thank you.


Sounds like a great day! I had hoped to walk, but the wind didn't abate till dusk (I get ear aches in wind...even when they are covered!). So, knitting, jigsaw puzzling, and napping. It was almost 60 here! A year ago it was 1 degree!!


What a nicely mixed day of fun and productivity! I'm preparing for the new year with some meditation, reading, beef barley stew, biscuits, yarn winding and knitting. Wishing you a wonderful 2019, full of the things you like best.

Caffeine Girl

What a perfect way to start the new year. You are so much more organized and intentional than I am.
I started out 2019 with a walk and luncheon, both with a group of friends. It was quite lovely! But it didn't help me get organized.


I started my day with an analysis of what I didn't like it 2018 ---- chaos. Two moves in 2018, one in 2017 . . . but, knowing that we are settled into our own house again and 2019 will be at least stationary.

Guilt ---- every time I fell short of some personally-induced "goal", I felt guilt. Not in 2019. If I miss the bullseye .....well, there's always another shot to take.

Wishing you and yours the very BEST year in 2019. I hope all of your (and my) dreams come true.


It sounds like you had a great first day of the year! I started out for a walk, but was such a dark, overcast, and damp day that I was too cold to go very far...I'm hoping for sunshine tomorrow. Best wishes for 2019!


I too, had a crockpot full of black-eyed peas and a pan of cornbread in the oven! Not only is it a good way to begin the new year, it sure makes the house smell good too!

I have been working on my intentions but I do not have them completed yet...which is okay. I am pondering and that is a good thing!


Let’s see; amaryllis, black-eye peas, walking, calendar, knitting, reading - check all.
Xmas tree down and out the door - done.
Preparing for 2019, for a while I’ll take it as it comes, until I catch up.


We've approached the new year in much the same way. I am so happy to see the surface of my desk and to check the beautiful amaryllis that have filled my winter (thank you for starting this craze). I walked Mylo despite the frigid temperatures (good boots and clothing layers) and pondered how to organize the huge mess that is my photo collection. I have knit a bit, read a lot, and even organized my supplies for an upcoming art class. Smith and I spent the evening with a snack tray (ala Carole) and talked about a bunch of "stuff". It was a wonderful way to start our year.


"Begin as you mean to go on" crossed my mind a million times yesterday, and I'd hoped to have a bit more intention about the day, but in the end... I didn't need to stress over that. The Holidays had a long run at my house this season, with a bit of added worry & stress at the end, and I really just needed to not think or worry about anything... so I didn't. And I supposed that's an OK way to BEGIN... I did some sewing, some knitting, some cooking, some planning...

Happy New Year, Kym!!


It was a pretty lazy day but did produce a blog entry! (Who knew!) I did spend several hours reading which was a real treat and had a nice 3 mile walk. Hoping for more of that in 2019 and a new desk just for me!

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