Au Revoir, 2018!
No, No, No!

Begin As You Mean To Go On

"Everything for me starts very small and snowballs. So I rarely start with the grand idea and find a place for it and narrow down. It's, really, just start small, and as I'm writing it, I begin to see - sometimes to my own surprise - what's unfolding and what's blooming."
                                                                                                            --- Khaled Hosseini


And so we've arrived.  
January 1, 2019.  
The beginning of a new year!  
Who knows what will unfold . . . but I'm trying my best to begin as I mean to go on.  And I'm beginning . . . with small things. 

  • I've got my amaryllis in various stages of bloom, bud, and bulb to remind me to bloom this year.
  • I've got black-eyed peas in the crock pot and corn muffins in the oven to bring prosperity and forward movement.
  • I've taken the dogs out for a long walk as part of my ongoing commitment to movement and fitness.
  • I've organized my desk (such as it is), readied my 2019 calendar, emptied my inbox, and checked in on my finances so I can start fresh from a space that is organized and ready for work.
  • I spent a little time on my (intimidating and paralyzing) photograph-organization project to . . . just begin.  
  • I wrote in my journal and worked at setting my intentions for the year ahead so I can set a direction for myself.
  • Later today I'm going to sketch a bit.  And do a little knitting.  Open a new book. Maybe do a quick walk around the garden.  All to keep my creativity flowing, and to make sure I find time each day for the things I like best.
  • And I'll end the day with Tom . . . to connect and recharge as we head into the new year together.

How about you?  How are you preparing for the new year?