Three Tom-isms: A Special Birthday Post
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Winter Solstice

Happy Solstice!


Our party last night was a great success.  Good food.  Good friends.  Plenty to drink.  Lots of laughter.


(Plus . . . my cocktail napkin game was strong!)


Today, I'm happy to have it all (including the clean-up) behind me.  It's time to just sit back and enjoy the rest of the holiday season.


And - by special request - click here for the Songs for Winter Solstice playlist Tom and I created for our annual party.  Remember, you won't find any Christmas songs on this playlist, but you will find an assortment of songs sharing the loose themes of light, dark, stars, the sun (including both the setting and the rising), and seasons.  (There is also one birthday-ish song in there, for obvious reasons).  Listen and enjoy!  


I wish you all a lovely Solstice, and a happy weekend -- full of light!


(Note:  After many annoying minutes of trying to get the actual playlist to embed correctly in this blog post, I have given up.  You have to click the link (in red, above) to get the playlist.  The "list" is just a photo and will not play directly.  Sorry.)




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What a fun night! And, Happy Solstice to you and Tom! Have a great weekend! We shall be raising a glass shortly! XO


Sounds wonderful. Happy Solstice!!


Your party food looks wonderful - pickled herring and all kinds of Swedish yumminess! Thanks for the playlist, too. Dale and I will be listening tonight. God Jul and Happy Solstice, my friend.


All that food looks absolutely delicious! I do hope you have some leftovers to nibble on as you relax, enjoy the season, and greet the return of the light with joy. Happy Winter Solstice!


You hit the mark on the music, the food, (oh, my! The food!), and the atmosphere! Everything looks beyond marvelous. Here's to a wonderful weekend of relaxation and joy for a job well done!

kim in oregon

For the first time ever, we listened to the "Paul Winter Consort Solstice" concert on our public radio station. It was wonderful, and maybe some adds for next year's playlist!

kathy b

What a lovely solstice party! We stopped by a local bonfire and acknowledged the day!


Yay, Kym - it looks wonderful!! So glad it was a success ... and that it's now a happy memory and you can relax and ENJOY the rest of the season. Merry Merry!!


Oh, wow, that looks like a FANTASTIC party!! So fun. Enjoy your holiday, Kym!!


Thanks for the playlist, the link worked perfectly!!
Happy Holiday


Listening to your playlist right now! Thanks!

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