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Unraveling Away

I finished up my Christmas knitting and shipped it all off last week.  (Phew!)  I toyed with the idea of . . . maybe, just maybe . . . knitting one last gift item (for a friend here in town).  


I cast on.  The pattern is easy, rhythmic to knit, and quickly memorized.

Or . . . so I thought.

Unfortunately, I quickly-memorized the row count between cable-crosses wrong.  
And didn't catch it right away.  
And had to rip WAY back.  
But I'm on track again now.  (Although probably not in time for gift-giving. . . ) (But that's okay.)

So.  Unraveling.  Re-raveling.  And actually just fine with all of it!

How about you?  What are you making right now?


If you want to see my Christmas knitting, you can read all about it on Ravelry here, here, here, and here.

And be sure to visit Kat today for more Unraveled posts.


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Your Christmas knits are all fabulous (I especially love that vest). And the yarn color above is wonderful. I'm working on socks for Colin but with no deadline...rather enjoyable!!

kathy b

Ugh oh. That darn unraveling.
Im knitting on biggy needles with Biggy yarn and darned if it is the easiest thing I've knit in years. Blanket time here. I never would have guessed it.


That cowl is lovely, and it will be fun to knit without deadline stress. And I just spent some time admiring your Christmas projects - every one is beautiful and you chose patterns perfectly suited to all the lucky recipients (esp. Splish Splash)! Jacoby is my go-to fingerless pattern, but I've only knit them in fingering and I seem to take forever. I wonder if you changed stitch counts for DK? Faster would be better!


Oh, those Christmas knits are wonderful!!


Good that you discovered your "mistook" before it was too late...enjoy the slowness of knitting these without any time pressures.



You find the best patterns! I especially like that the cowl is reversible.


Ugh... unraveling on potential gift knitting just sucks! I love your yarn and pattern though! That will be gorgeous!


I've never felt a project had to be DONE to count as a gift -- for what it's worth.


What a pretty cowl. I just favorited the pattern. Sometimes a gift that arrives a little late is a nice way to spread out the season. I was going to be finished with gift knits and decided to knit one more pair of fingerless mitts. They won't arrive by Christmas but that's ok. Maybe a Happy New Year present.


ooohhh, that's a great pattern! glad you're back on track ... and enjoying the process. all raveling is good raveling!


I don't think I have ever knit a single thing from start to finished without major unraveling. I feel like it's de rigueur!

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