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Sometimes Mondays


There's no snow on the ground here anymore, but there is plenty of The Dreary and The Frozen.


It's Friday.  Let's celebrate that with a little TGIF.

T - Thinking About . . . our Solstice party next Thursday.  Pretty much, it's All Solstice All The Time right now in my head.

G - Grateful . . . that Tom and I do a detailed "post-mortem" after each Solstice party -- complete with good notes.  We've been doing these parties for so many years now that we have A System.  (And my notes tell us things like how we set up the rooms, the number of beers and bottles of wine our guests consumed, where we placed the luminaries, and suggestions for the next party.  That kind of thing.)

I - Inspired by . . . all the things I can't wait to get back to once the Solstice party is in the books for another year.

F - Fun . . . I have a facial scheduled today!  (Not always "fun," exactly.  But definitely a treat!)

How about YOU?  How's your Friday shaping up?

Enjoy your weekend.



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I love your solstice parties - such a great idea! And your last item - the Facial - sounds like a perfect thing for a dreary Friday. Enjoy! You will be glowing for your party!!


After prolonged pre-party jitters in years gone by I am thinking there is a lot to be said for spur-of-the-moment parties. Clean house on Thursday, buy/make food on Friday and have party on Saturday. Whoever can come will come, and the rest can come to your next one.
Having said that there is nothing like a big blowout full-scale celebration that your guests can look forward to, muse over their outfit about, and enjoy with gusto. And you sound like you really enjoy it and probably love the post-mortems with Tom as well.....but you guys are a lot younger than we are:). Have fun!


Facials are a lovely treat! And, important when your brain is full of solstice all the time!


I'm looking forward to your Solstice party, and I'm not even going! A facial does sound like fun. I promised myself a manicure sometime this week, but it hasn't happened yet. Next week!


I love a good facial. And a good party! We've thrown a Wolf Moon Howl a few times in January and it's been fun. I've got lunch with Doug on the docket today. I'll clink you around 5 tonight!


That's how we tackle Christmas Eve, too - I make lots of notes about what gets eaten, what doesn't, etc. It really helps. I know your party will be a smashing success as always! How many people do you have?!?

kathy b

cool cool image. THe solstice is a big deal mentally for my husband and a few friends. I'm glad it makes them feel better because they WHINE about the dark and start when the summer sun begins the tiniest bit earlier to set. So enjoy !


Oh, man, my Friday has shaped up into a gigantic CATCH UP DAY!! Recent days off haven't exactly been my own... feeling a bit more on track now, and the weekend is ahead! I am looking forward to solstice!!


What a good idea to take notes after your parties. I attended a large early Solstice party this week - all women - hosted by three wonderful women. It was lovely.


All Solstice All the Time sounds pretty good right now - I'm looking forward to seeing some photos ... and a few extra minutes of daylight by this time next week!!


Our neighbor invited us to his Solstice party tonight (yes, it's early, but he felt Saturday was a better night for his working friends) and I'm looking forward to it. I look forward to hearing more about yours. My Friday went by in a whoosh. Is it Saturday?

Caffeine Girl

A solstice party sounds fun. It's always a special day for me because that's my daughter's birthday. This year she's flying back from school on her birthday, so we'll go out to dinner to celebrate.

I've done a Yom Kippur Break Fast for many years, but it never occurred to me to be so organized about it. It does tend to take up all your free time in the run-up.


I love that you do a post-mortem! A woman after my own heart ;-)

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