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Sometimes Mondays

. . . feel a little scattered.  (But also festive!)


You know how, sometimes, everything just kind of lands on the calendar . . . on the same day?  Well.  This is one of those days for me.  

It's manageable.  But I feel a bit scattered.   A real Monday kind of Monday, in other words.

How's your Monday looking?


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Restless! And, I am okay with that!

Have a good and fun filled day! XO


Coffee and knitting with a friend this morning and then CHORES in the afternoon.


Back to work...and I feel scattered too (but, then, I usually do at work - lol).


Well my car wouldn't start (I've read it may be "crappy factory battery syndrome") and Douglas is under the weather but...tonight is our annual girls Christmas dinner out so that's a great kick-off to December! I hope all you have to do goes smoothly and your home relaxing with a glass of wine and two dogs at your feet before you know it! xo


Days like that are a challenge! Here's to everything running smoothly and a calm tomorrow!


You can do it! And maybe that makes for a pretty good & focused Tuesday (and beyond)??


I have confidence that you can handle anything Monday throws your way!


hope it went well! (My Thursday is gonna be like that ... I hope I'll be ready by then!)


Mine was so busy and full that I forgot to blog!

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