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Merry and Bright

. . . and SHINY!


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with a friend in her studio making glitter balls.  Fabulously fun and super simple!

(And, yeah.  I don't have a Christmas tree at my house.  But I do have a lighted birch tree.  And these will look very fine hanging from the branches.)

We also tried some ornaments with alcohol inks.  Our results were decidedly mixed.  While this one looks quite pretty. . .


I think there's a learning curve.  (Because not all of them worked quite as well.)

It was a fun afternoon, filled with mess, laughter, and creativity.  Merry and bright, indeed!


It's kind of amazing how many "unraveled" posts I can come up with that have absolutely nothing to do with knitting.  I've been knitting a LOT, but can't show you any of it quite yet.  (Because Christmas.)  Stay tuned!


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Knitting or not, they are really lovely and quite beautiful for someone without a Christmas tree!


When I saw the green I though immediately they would look great on your birch tree. What a fun afternoon you had!


I love these not-knitting projects you share! They are absolutely inspiring! But... I have my post it note hanging right in front of me... haha!


I've played with alcohol inks before and there is certainly a learning curve, but it's fun to try a new medium. Your green sparkly balls are perfectly festive and will be fantastic on your birch tree! We're more than knitters! We're makers and I love seeing other crafts around the blogs!


It’s quite all right for knitters to try some fun crafts that are not knitted. Your ornaments are very festive!


Oh, wow, that looks like FUN!!


I love those green glitter balls! Can you imagine...having a studio? :-) xo


I love all of those ornaments!


Creativity is messy but beautiful. Sounds like you are fulfilling your goal of Merry and Bright while honoring your permission slip. Keep up the good work.


Woo--the ornaments are pretty! Good luck with your Christmas knitting!


What a wonderful afternoon! and those green glitter ornaments are most definitely merry & bright ... and will look fabulous on your birch tree. (hope your Christmas knitting is going well!)


Love those green glitter balls.

Mixing paints ---------yeah, that can be a hit or miss situation. The red and gold look very pretty.

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