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And Then Sometimes the News is Good

Back in the fall, Tom found a little lump in the crease just in front of JoJo's right hind leg.  And then we couldn't find it again.  And then . . . there it was again!  Not very big.  Hard to find.  Worrisome.  But also not so worrisome.  But worrisome enough that I took her to the vet in November.

I expected the vet to say No worries, just a fatty tumor.

But that's not what the vet said.  Let's aspirate that, the vet said.

And it turned out to be . . . not good.  A mast cell tumor.  Cancer.

We must cut that out, the vet said.  And have tests run to see how likely to spread it might be.

Unsettling.  (And JoJo is only 5.)

Last week, JoJo had surgery.  For such a small lump, she ended up with a massive incision.  I was aggressive with the margins, the vet said.  Because I could be, he said.  And because she is only 5, he said.


Frankendog, said Tom.

After being kind of out of it for a couple of days, JoJo bounced back.  She doesn't like to sit still.  She wants to play and jump and run.  No roughhousing, said the vet.  And no running. 

And she really wants to get at those stitches.  So . . . 


It's an inflatable collar.  Better than a cone, by far.  Ahoy there, matey! said Tom.

Last night we got the pathology report from the vet.  Good news, said the vet.  Clean surgical margins and a low probability spread, said the vet.

You know what we said?

  1. Yay!
  2. Yay!
  3. Yay!


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Add my Yay! to the others. (That incision is really something. Poor JoJo!)


Yippee for Jojo! I was almost afraid to read to the end of the post lest it not be such good news. You must be so relieved. The doughnut is so much more flattering than the cone. Heal well Jojo.


What good dog owners you are! Glad it has all turned out well. Are these inflatable doughnuts the new thing, or must some pets still have to go with the awful old collar? Get healed fast, Jojo!


Yay! (Tom is funny.) Booney and family send our best, a big belly rub when possible and big hints for extra Charlie treats!


Yay for JoJo! And for you and Tom! We went through that with Moxie. MANY fatty tumors and major incisions, no cancer and it all turned out well for him (and us), too. But, they are so pathetic as they just.don't.understand. Soon JoJo! Soon you'll be able to romp and play just as you wish!


1. That incision makes her a *serious* tough girl
2.Awesome collar. My dogs are jealous!
3. What a great addition to one’s gratitude list. A big breath and great thanks, right!?


And one more YAY!!!!!

Cheryl S.

Poor pup! Glad to hear her great report.


Yowza, that's one hell of an incision! Poor JoJo! But I'm so glad you got good news and I hope it stays that way so that JoJo lives a good long healthy life with you and Tom. #luckypup


What a wonderful Christmas present! Her incision is amazing!! And her donut collar is too funny. What a relief you and Tom must be feeling. YAY!!!

kim in oregon

Yay for Jo Jo! I'm always astonished that the incisions are so huge but when news is good---that's OK! Dog cancer is scary on so many levels, so much love to JoJo. Are there plans for some chemo (which dogs tolerate really, really well) or is this it?


Doggie ailments bother me more than my own ailments. It’s good to hear that JoJo’s prognosis is positive. Ben, the dachshund, also sends his good wishes for JoJo. XOXO


What good news! That is some incision...poor Jojo! I hope she heals quickly!

Jeannie Gray

I'm so sorry Jojo had to go through the surgery but that's great news! Glad you found the tumor early and that she's going to be fine. Wishing her quick healing!


HOORAY! This is most excellent news! Give her a kiss from me.


Wow! What a roller coaster--so glad you got excellent news!

Caffeine Girl

So glad the news is good! But the poor baby. At least he doesn't have to wear a cone.

gale / she shoots sheep shots

Yay yay yay indeed! Jojo looks pretty OK with the inflatable collar (and, what a great invention). So happy for you.


Heal up quickly, Jojo!!! And, be a good girl and let your stitches heal.

Glad the news was GOOD news.


Yay, yay, yay from me too!


That is good news, Kym - I hope JoJo heals quickly. (thankful for all the good vets in our lives!)


Yay, yay, yay!! I hope Jojo heals quickly! Poor Frankenpup! And, that collar! Brilliant!


I held my breath and let out a BIG DEEP sigh when I read the grand news! WAHOO! and ENJOY your weekend! Life is good!


Yay! yay! yay! Hope the recovery is quick.

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