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All Wrapped Up

This pile of knits . . . 


represents the sum total of my Christmas knitting.  Complete!

And this afternoon . . . everything will be wrapped and packaged and ready for shipping.  Yes, my friends.  Everything is all wrapped up -- with weeks to spare!  Which begs the question . . . 

Is there time for one more???


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That is a very nice pile of knits and some people (in CA, CO, and WY maybe?) are going to be very happy!


Yay you! Well done!! And, there might just be enough time to squeeze one more in this year!


There is always time for one little knitted item more; in front of the tv watching that last holiday movie, listening to that little book on CD audio, while having tea time in the afternoon, or with eggnog perhaps and talking nonsense with friends, . . . endless little moments.


Terrific!! How about time for knitting dreaming - figuring out what's next to knit for YOU! That's where I am. though I have other knits in mind for other people I've decided that none will be for Christmas (this year).


You are an excellent gifter! I've got another sock to knit for Dan...time will tell. Fortunately he will be here so I'm not putting the toes on 'til I measure! And I say...nah...no pressure needed...pick your next Kym project!


You should do one more ONLY if it is a necessity (or if it would make you happy). The pile looks lovely! I see many lucky people on your list. My one piece of Christmas knitting is wrapped and ready, too, but it was only one hat. Hope Smith likes it. If not, I know I'll enjoy it! :)


SURE! Go for it! LOL


Hahahahahahahaha!!! And congratulations! :)

kathy b

Kudos! I think I'm done too. I ve wrapped and have the mail ready to go today. But then a little voice is wondering if I want to knit up a bulky blanket for Allison . Crazy? oh Yeah. But I just might


Impressive! There are some lucky people on your list! Knitting one more depends on if the recipient is close by so there is no shipping! I do have one more bit of knitting that should be easy to finish. The only other gifted knit is not for Christmas.


If you have the inclination, why not?! A gift for vous? Something for charity? Ot you could just sip hot tea or chocolate and look at the tree ...
Enjoy and Cheers~


Kudos to you for such an attractive pile of hand knits. Is there time for one more or would you rather do something else? Make a cup of tea and ponder your options.


That's a beautiful pile of hand knit gifts. Go you!


oh that pile looks so nice ... and I had the exact same question (I'm sure you know what my answer would be!)

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