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Unraveling . . . On Paper

I'm busy, knitting a few Christmas presents (and making fine progress, I might add; no panic at this point), so I have nothing to show for it here yet.  

In the meantime, here are a couple of other things I've been . . . unraveling.  I finished my colored pencil drawing of the water lily in my garden pond a couple of weeks ago.


And then I started a drawing of my lake up at the cottage.  (If you use your imagination, and squint just a bit, you can maybe-sorta-see that there is mist coming off the water.)


Still a way to go on the lake drawing, but I'm not tempted to throw it in the trash!  (Which is the drawing equivalent of . . . unraveling.)

How about YOU?  What are you working on this week?


If you're curious about what I've been knitting -- and you happen to be on Ravelry (Ha!  None of my gift-recipients are. . . ) -- you can see this and this.


Be sure to visit Kat today, for actual knitting (and, hopefully, not much actual unraveling).


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You are so very talented Kym! Love your water lily and yes, I do see mist on the lake (one of my favorite things to see BTW).


Wow, Kym! I always enjoy seeing your drawings-in-process - how big are these two? Great job on the holiday knitting - looks like you've chosen perfect projects (although I'm a little surprised your recipients aren't on Ravelry!)


Oh my! Stunning! Both of them... but that finish on the lily pad... wow. Just wow!

(also nice knitting!!)


I love the lily and the lake with the ghost canoe! I bet mist is hard to do, but you've got it. I'm working on some Christmas knitting, but beginning to knit faster. Not panicking yet!


The lily is BEAUTIFUL!!!

As for your knitting .....that second item is pure genius! What a clever idea.


I am, as always, impressed by your drawing skillz. GO you! And the knitting - I want to knit both of those items. I have a couple of skeins of different DK weights that I just haven't figured out what to do with and Orbit looks perfect for it!


Those lily pads really are spectacular! Keep the lake coming...I think it's looking good. The Christmas items are great too...that ornament!!!


Your drawings are lovely. I especially love the subtle color variation in the water lily flower.


YES!! I love your gift knits. Your drawings are amazing, too. Mist is TOUGH!!


Goodness you are an artist. I can see the mist - easily. And I love the gift knits.


I'm knitting chickens (for a gift) and maybe a hat (for Smith), but no pressure.;) Watching your drawings change and come to life is so interesting. I love seeing the process. That lily is amazing and so life-like! You do beautiful work, Kym.

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