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Three Things That Bug

It's November.  The month of gratitude.  So I'm just going to get this out of my system this morning . . . so I can begin the month with a clean slate.


Today . . . three things that bug me:

1 -- We had lots of very adorable and very polite children "trick-or-treat" us at our door last night.  (My Halloween candy strategy is demonstrated above:  purchase candy kids like, but that I won't eat.  Win-Win.)  But.  There were far too many that grabbed their candy and walked away . . . without so much as an acknowledgement or thank you.  (And several of them leaped off our rock wall, which although tempting and fun for kids, makes Tom a bit of a curmudgeon.)  I wanted to take the candy back from the rude kids, but by then of coure, they were already leaping from our wall. . . So.  That bugs me.

2 -- I got an email from someone who wants something I have.  She wanted to set up a time today or tomorrow to make an exchange with me, and said that she could shift her schedule (and I quote) "in any way possible to make this happen."  So I sent back an email, outlining my schedule and suggesting a few options for her.  Her response?  "I guess we'll have to set something up next week then."  What happened to shifting her schedule "in any way possible to make this happen?"  So.  That bugs me.

3 -- I remain perplexed by my inability to comment simply and easily on some (but not all!) Blogger blogs.  When I try to leave a comment "signed in with my Google account", there are a few Blogger blogs that don't seem to recognize that I AM, in fact and definitely, already signed in with my Google account.  (Because I AM signed in with my Google account.)  Nothing I do seems to "fix" this.  In fact, Blogger is now suggesting that it would be more convenient for me to "sign in with my Google account" when I comment.  (No. Kidding.)  But, of course, I AM signed in with my Google account.  (And I have discovered that it is impossible to "sign in with your Google account" when you are already signed in with your Google account.)  So.  If I have left a comment on your Blogger blog signed in with my blog address and not my email address, please know that I really love you and your blog.  Because before I can leave that comment, I need to "prove I'm not a robot" in several mind-numbing ways before I can leave the comment.  (I can click on fire hydrants, motorcycles, hills and mountains, and crosswalks with my eyes closed.)  (Because "I'm not a robot.")  Anyway.  If any of you have a solution or suggestion to my issue, please let me know.  (This never happens on Blogger blogs that have a separate pop-up window for comments, by the way.  On these blogs, apparently I AM logged into my Google account.)  So.  That bugs me.

Okay.  I feel better now!  On to November -- the month of gratitude.  With a clean slate.

(Anything you want to get off your chest today?)


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I've had trouble with Blogger and Typepad, too! BUT all of a sudden both seemed to be fixed (I don't know why). We have NO children come to our door and haven't for years. I have seen many comments about rude kids through the years. I think I'd be hibernating in the basement if I had to deal with the demons. What I've found (irritating) is that people won't read your email or text so they get the WHOLE point of it. They only skim or glance and then make assumptions. This may be what your person did. Too complicated to decide on the change and blew it off. We seem have no attention span. Here's to Thursday! ;)


I love the mental picture I get of Tom (who always has a delightful smile in your photos) turning into a curmudgeon and demanding the return of candy because of their ingratitude and jumping from the wall (because I am a curmudgeon sometimes, too). My current pet peeve? People who assume they know what is best for me. Three instances this week, and I'm going to have to work hard to keep from yelling if it happens a fourth time!


Geeze...I'd be bugged too! Last night we had no one come to our door (and I brought our candy into the office today). Some years we get 50 or more...other years 2-3...this year none. Which is fine. Because it seems like kids are ruder and more "grabby" than ever (i.e., sticking their hand in a basket and taking as many pieces as they can...and then doing it again).

And adults...just don't seem to be willing to LISTEN or COMPROMISE these days. I want to go into a cave sometimes.

I *think* I fixed my blog???

Wishing you a better Thursday my friend.


I *give* the candy instead of allowing anyone to take and/or grab! This year, Rusty bought one (small) bag of candy because we just never know -- we've had anywhere from zero to many over the years. He couldn't remember where he put it, so our light wasn't on right away, but within minutes of finding the candy and turning on the light *BOOM* three groups and gone. Haha. Like moths to a flame. I saved a couple for Junah & Gin, and turns out they don't like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (are they really my grandchildren, then??)!


We had 4 total trick or treaters last night - bummer. But Jackie loved it and that was fun. I hear you on the blogger commenting thing. I've also had trouble with Typepad but only SOME blogs. I haven't been able to leave comments on some blogs for months and it bothers me but not enough to spend any real time trying to figure it out.


Weird Halloween—only one small group at our door! It does seem that there are fewer youngsters in our ‘hood—miss them at Halloween! Sadly,, I was not as circumspect as you were in choosing candy!


No trick or treaters at our house. It's been quite a few years sadly. I think Doug and I would be with Tom...GET OFF THE FREAKING WALL! :-) I've experienced some commenting issues recently too...oh the clicking. Fortunately I've got a pretty free chest right now. (We're going to see Free Solo this weekend...I guess it's supposed to be pretty amazing...might be something you and Tom would like to see if it arrives in your area!)


We had a fair number of kids come by and polite (mostly...one or two maybe just forgetful) but not as many as I anticipated and discussing it with another neighbor we both felt the numbers were down. It was a wet/damp cold night which might be the reason.
I have a rosemary plant that is RIGHT next to the walk so I strategically placed a cast iron lantern and an aloe vera plant either side of it to give it some protection. Seems to have worked, although the lantern ended up knocked over (nothing damaged).


Have you tried clearing your cache and resigning in?

Let me know if my blog is one of the problem ones and I will try to fix it.


Adding to my comment above ---- I see that my blog WAS a problem. I switched to a popup window. Let me know if that doesnt' fix the problem.


We made it to double digits last night with 11 charming trick or treaters! I am fortunate, no wall jumpers and all said thank you SO much (apparently chocolate covered pretzels were a HUGE hit! lol)

Things to get off my chest? Oh boy... can I just start with all those people who might think my body means their right to choose...for me, or someone else. Yeah... I am not going to ever tell anyone what they can or can't do with their body, so please... don't do that to anyone else.

Sorry for getting all radical in my comment. And, yes... kids, just stay off the dang wall!


We don't get trick or treaters in our neighborhood, but we live near EIU campus. The dorms and various campus groups have trick or treating and the kids end of town go there and that's fine with me.
Wall jumpers would drive me crazy!


In the 32 and counting years I've lived in this house, I believe we had trick-or-treaters the first two years! I contemplated buying some treats this year, just in case...but decided, there was enough loose change we could use, in case! Not needed.
When something or someone trips my switch, I try to remember my mother's advice:"Be like Scarlett (i Gone with the Wind) and think about it tomorrow!" It mostly works...except when crazy things happen and living here in the nation's capital, that's the rule of the day! And then I vent!
I am glad that you shared ...helps us all to get things off our chests! We all need a little venting here n' there! Have a great, quiet weekend!


Oh, how I miss manners at times like Halloween! Thank you for your post. (and I hope my blog isn't pesky).


Blogger is a mystery to me. I had trouble with the commenting feature on my blog and think it is fixed but then a close friend in town told me she could never comment. Gah! I had my tech - savy daughter look at it too.

Always to good have a little vent. On to November.


We don’t get trick or treaters but I heard a similar observation from others who do. Such a bummer that they can’t say thank you.
And I am happy to know I am not the only one having trouble commenting on blogs.


I share your ughs ... and I sure hope we can get the blogger comment thing figured out. Some days I feel like I might be a robot because I have a hard time clicking all the images :-)


Rudeness almost always bugs me a LOT except for little kids at Halloween. I figure it's their parents' fault and I can't ruin my Halloween fun regarding stupid parents. You could always call after them with a strong "Thank you!! " and hope that it will subliminally resonate. Now big kids 12 years or older...well, don't get me started.😠

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