A Little Friday Adventure
Totally Unraveled

Sometimes Mondays

. . . are about as Monday as they come.  

Mondays that don't go as planned.  With a power-blip and a printer that won't print and a router that needs a re-start and an unexpected visitor and a slower-than-expected software update.  You know.  A Monday kind of Monday. 

But.  Tomorrow is Tuesday.  And that means . . . 


I know I don't really need to remind any of you . . .   but I will anyway.



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kim in oregon

Hi! I had a Friday like your Monday. I'm sure you unplugged everything--hope things kicked back on like my washing machine!

We have mail in voting here in Oregon so my vote has been cast for a week! i HOPE EVERYONE VOTES!


Our Tuesday is going to be crazier than any day on record for us, but I can guarantee, amongst the crazy time will be made to vote.


I took today off and normally that would make it a good Monday . . . but today . . . not so much. I will be voting tomorrow afternoon! C'mon blue wave!


AMEN! Yes, please vote... EVERYONE!


I was excited to vote this morning, and for the first time in 29 years, there was a line! I chose to take that as a good sign and hope that everyone (that is eligible) votes!


I can't wait to vote! Boone, Douglas and I will be heading to the polls this evening!


I voted a few weeks ago ... maybe the only good thing about voting in Georgia this year is that there we had weeks and lots of locations available for early voting.


I voted about 3 weeks ago as did 52% of registered Utahns one of the highest rates we've ever had for mid-term elections. It's all about Love (Mia, that is) and maybe a little about T, too.


Like other readers we voted early a few days ago. Thanks for reminding all your readers to vote!




Done and dusted.

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