Thankful Hearts
May Your Days Be . . .

Sometimes Mondays

. . . look pretty black-and-white.


(Heavy on the white!)

I hope your Thanksgiving time was peaceful and restful, with just enough pie.  And I hope you're easing yourself back into "regular time" today.  (Unless you happen to live in Southwest Michigan and thereabouts . . . where you're probably hunkering down for another day off.)

How's YOUR Monday looking?



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Yikes!!! Stay warm and cozy. Looks like a perfect day for some kind of making - enjoy!


Oh my. It is SO PRETTY THO!!!

Cheryl S.

Wow, that's beautiful. The larch is stunning!

Stay warm, and off the roads!


Very pretty...just too soon! We're going to have the lovely sleet mix later I believe. Stay safe Kym! xo


We've got a storm headed our way but it's going to be rain and I'm glad. Enjoy your forced hunkering time!


Your photo is definitely a winter wonderland!


It's a beautiful photo, but would probably be much lovelier if it was someplace that you are not!


My perfect pressure to be out in the world making the most of the sunshine. All you can do is hunker down with an audiobook and some making! Oh, force me... (What a perfect day to crank out that Christmas knitting!)


I saw that Holland was getting socked! Perfect weather to not have to go anywhere in! Happy Monday!


Enjoy your day of hunkering down! Embrace your time inside and knit!


wow. I guess my house would be decorated on the inside if my yard looked like that! which it doesn't - so I was knitting this afternoon. and it was pretty colorful :-) Hope you're not going stir crazy!

kathy b

We've got the snow too! so much so that the barn cancelled classes today in the morning. I was so happy to go back to bed!


Happy snow day or two. We had a few inches - 3 to be exact on Sunday. Today it is slick and cold. Hot tea time.


Gorgeous! I hope you're warm and enjoying the solitude and peace. I finally have my house back and need to spend the day cleaning, clearing, and planting the last of my amaryllis.


We had rain, rain! Thankfully it wasn't cold enough to form ice...that would've been pretty, tho'.

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