Big As the Nose On Your Face

Sometimes Mondays

. . . feel like the start of something new.


This year, I've decided to re-think all the ways I celebrate the holidays.   Kind of a . . .Kon-Mari of my holiday traditions.  I know it's time to let some things go -- and then, perhaps, I can make room for the new and the different.  Or just create some empty space to relax and enjoy.

And I'm kicking things off with a big Thanksgiving . . . shift.  
Because this will be the first year that none of my kids will be around my table.  In fact, this will be the first year that NO ONE (even Tom) will be around my table!  

This Thanksgiving, I'll be driving Tom to the airport  . . . so he can fly off for another fishing adventure at his favorite lodge in Patagonia.  I remember many, many months ago, when Tom was first arranging his trip, and he told me it would mean flying out on Thanksgiving Day.  My first thought was . . . (gasp) Not Thanksgiving!  But that thought only lasted about 15 seconds.  Because . . . why not?  We already knew the kids wouldn't be able to come home for Thanksgiving this year.  It would be just Tom and my dad and I anyway . . . 

So why not celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day???  We'll be celebrating with our turkey dinner tomorrow night! 

(And isn't this the perfect way to start my holiday shake-up?)


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You two are on the cutting edge of shaking things up! Letting go is the hardest thing we ever do no matter what we're letting go of and tradition is a hard thing to release. But, you have a great opportunity (and Tom has a great opportunity) and you'll make the best of it because that's who you are! I can't wait to see what you do to make this a special holiday for one!


Go you! Really, because I think Thanksgiving is much better as a more than once a year thing. We are just the two this year (again) for Thanksgiving. And, that is just fine by me!

I am still in the great Christmas tree debate with myself (and Steve) - stay tuned! LOL


Happy Thanksgiving Eve! John and I never seem to know who will be home for holidays, or with the house in MD this year, even where home is. So celebrate when, where, and however you can!

Kim Sheehan

Thanksgiving is whenever people gather and give thanks for friends and family. That can happen any time! AND PATAGONIA!


I'm so glad you found a way to make this work for you and your family. As you know, we do Thanksmas on the Saturday afternoon Thanksgiving. Well, this year some of our kids have to work on Saturday so we've had to make some shifts to our plans. We're shaking it up by having it on Friday and we're focusing on the "mas" part of it and doing a small version of our Christmas Eve buffet for the food. I'm excited for the change!


Happy Thanksgiving. Your plans sound perfect! And what a great trip (again) for Tom!! Hoping you will have some pictures to share with us.


Flexibility! That is the key for those of us with family spread across the country. I don’t always have my children for Thanksgiving and I’ve learned to adjust. Thank goodness for FaceTime! I do have my siblings still and my nephews. I’ve had to be more flexible in my thinking around Christmas.


Flexibility is a virtue! Ours is a group of three this year so,we will be going out for Thanksgiving. Our best for you and yours!


Change is good! And lucky Tom. And really lucky Kym! What a quiet peaceful day it will be! If you want bedlam jump on a plane and come to the Winch! xo


Yep! Yep!! Yep!!!


Perfect. After my dear Mom passed away, I learned that the way to enjoy the holidays is not to expect everything to always be the same. Our kids won't be here either but we will celebrate a lovely Thanksgiving at my sister and brother-in-law's table with a niece and nephew and their significant others. Variety is the spice of Thanksgiving.


Yay You! I must admit I love the Idea of lightening the holidays ... and I really loved what Marc and I did last year...but that was still Two of Us. I think Holidaying Alone is the epitome of Adulting. So what is your dad doing? (sorry, I couldn't help but ask).

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