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Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like you better get your butt in gear.


(Yeah.  This photo has nothing to do with Mondays at all.  But it is pretty.  And it will serve to remind me that I still owe you a post about the SOFA exhibit I went to in Chicago . . . 10 days ago already.  Because this is one of the photos I took at SOFA.)

Last week became one of those "lost weeks" for me.  Between the election and then that dang shingles shot . . . and then feeling like I was entitled to a bit of a break because of that dang shingles shot . . . and some other commitments, I just sort of checked out on Regular Life.

Definitely time to get my butt in gear!
(And how about YOU?  How's your Monday looking so far?)


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My Monday is looking pretty frosty! And, I am feeling that same urge to get my backside in gear!


I know that feeling! Getting my butt in gear today means loads and loads of laundry, taking care of lots of things that got put aside last week, and planning for Thanksgiving. (That photo is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to hearing about SOFA!)


So far, no much happening at all though I am on my third cuppa joe, a definite slow starting day, maybe because of the impending atmosphere of rain?
But bread making for Thanksgiving is in the works, a definite pleasing kind of day.
Getting my butt in gear, slowly.


Trying (key word) to get my butt in gear as well. Seems to be more difficult each Monday - lol. And this promises to be another *______*/crazy/busy week. Onward & upward!


For us working stiffs it's a holiday so there will be no getting my butt in gear until tomorrow!


Working but holding on to the memories of the fun girls weekend that was had. Big week washer and dryer and toilet. How exciting huh? (Eyeroll!!!) Glad you're back on your feet!


It's just the normal (Monday) noises in here...


The election kept me mesmerized. Our election results were a flip—nice surprise. Now if we could just flip the bozo in the White House.


I had big plans to get So Much Done over the weekend ... and then I sat on the sofa and knitted. Here's to kicking some butt ... tomorrow!


Oh yes - that dang shingles shot - it does take the wind out of one's sails. We had flurries here this morning and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I am entertaining some women friends on Thursday evening and we just returned from a sojourn to Texas. I definitely have to get my rear in gear.


The last week was bathroom "hell", but this week we have finishing touches going in and I'm trying to decide if it's really worth cooking a T-day dinner or if I'd rather go non-traditional. Just being with family will make anything the "right" decision.

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