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This list came out this week in the New York Times.  Each year, I'm surprised by this list - the 100 Notable Books of [fill in year here].  I mean, I regularly scan the New York Times book reviews, and I (mainly) read from the longlists of the Man Booker Prize, the Women's Prize, and the National Book Award.


And yet . . . 

I usually haven't even heard of the 100 Notable Books of [fill in year here]!

This year, I've read 5.  (Which includes one I'm in the midst of reading right now.)  And a few more are on my want-to-read list.  But not many.


Looks like my list of possibilities just got longer.  (Again.)

How about YOU?  How many have you read? 


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I haven't seen this list before! And, I've only read one from this year's list (Educated - which I did not like), but I I have a couple on my TBR list or I'm in the queue on Overdrive. I wonder how I've missed this list in the past...


I've heard of a few of those books, and actually read ONE! (Calypso!)


What! Wow... I have (or will soon read) 9 books and now have added many more to my "read list"!

Thank you for sharing this gem of a list!


I've read seven and have few on my TBR list. Of what I've read, my favorites were Warlight, The Library Book, and House of Broken Angels. Thanks for sharing this list!


One! An American Marriage (which I enjoyed very much). I'll be perusing this list for sure. Thanks Kym!


I'm afraid to look, my queue is so long already!


I’m with Carole but that won’t stop me!


Hmm ... I've read four, but like you said, my tbr list is now a lot longer!


Although Ive seen some of these titles around I’ve read not a one this year.


So ... I think it's a GOOD Thing that you haven't let yourself get swayed by the hubbub. (I think I'm even surprised you looked?!) Full disclosure, I scrolled through the first couple of rows before I thought of that ... I know I recognized and have read a few titles, but I didn't recognize more ... I love reading, and I want to read better (not harder, not more) and closer ... lists like this are a challenge!


This has been an awful year for me reading-wise. I'm hoping to do much, MUCH better next year.

kathy b

I sent the list to Allison. She will so enjoy checking off the ones shes read. Shes an avid reader. She also love lists. so thanks


I've read 8 but many, many more are on my TBR list. The last few years I've printed out the list and marked off books as I read. My book group leader often peruses the list for selections, too. With all the lists we refer to and awards we use as guides, we're usually in the thick of good reading.

Caffeine Girl

I don't think I've read many. Usually I discover books I want to read on this list, but this year's wasn't as exciting for me as usual.


I've read two -- An American Marriage and the Friend. I'm currently reading The Wych Elm . I also have the long list for March's Tournament of Books to look over.

It starts with the same two books - and it's all fiction - not my only reading, but usually my favorite.

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