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Here we are, late November.  Thanksgiving is behind us.  Christmas lies ahead.  I haven't started doing anything Christmas-related yet.  I haven't decorated.  I haven't started my shopping.  I haven't ordered cards.  I haven't listened to Christmas music.

What I have been doing . . . is a lot of thinking about All of the Christmas Things.  And making plans for doing All of the Christmas Things.  Not in a panic-y way.  Just in a making lists and prioritizing kind of way. 

How do I want to celebrate this season?
What are my priorities during this over-booked time of year?
How do I keep myself on track and not let myself get swept away by the crazier aspects of the holiday?

I decided that what I really want to do this year . . . is to make sure the holiday season is fun -- light and bright and merry.  When the Holiday Overwhelm comes knocking (because you know it will) (I'm talking about you, 10 pounds of Swedish meatballs), I want to remember . . . to make it fun.

So last week, I decided I needed a "theme song" for the holidays -- a phrase from a Christmas song that I can play on endless-loop in my head.  A snippet of a song to keep me on track and remind me of what I want from this very busy time of year. *

I decided on this one . . . 


Part of the last line of that old standby, White Christmas.  May your days be merry and bright . . . 

I figure that my theme song can help me remember my priority this season.  When I'm trying to decide whether (or not) to do One More Thing, or fit some other obligation into my schedule, I can ask myself:  Will it make things merry and bright?  Because I can't do everything.  And I'm tired of trying to do just that.  This year?  It's all about merry and bright!

How about you?  Do you need a theme song this year?

  • Maybe Laughing All the Way . . . if you're trying to keep your sense of humor this holiday season
  • Or All is Calm . . . if you're trying to relax and let things go
  • Deck the Halls . . . if you're focused on the décor this year
  • Or Throw Cares Away . . . if you're usually trying to do too much and end up panicking
  • How about Oh What Fun . . . if you're looking to lighten up
  • Or Comfort and Joy . . . if you're wanting a hygge-holiday

Let's sing our way through the holidays this year -- and get just what we want!

* I had the idea of finding my holiday "theme song" . . . and then I listened to the Happier podcast last week and laughed when Gretchen and Elizabeth started talking about finding a "holiday motto."  Much the same concept (only they're famous)! 


I was running an errand at World Market yesterday when I found that Merry and Bright ornament (in the photo).  Of course, I had to have it -- a lovely visual reminder of my holiday theme song.


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I love this idea. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

kim in oregon

Singing right along with you!


What a good idea, and I love when you can find something tangible (and pretty!) like the ornament to keep your idea front and center. Mine is most likely "God Rest Ye merry Gentlemen" for "Comfort and Joy". I really like the idea of comfort and joy together!


Fun! And I can even sing off-key (in my head). My holidays have gotten very easy with Colin & Mailing living close by and wanting to do all the hosting and cooking for ALL the holidays. Last year I cut way back (way, way back) on the number of cookies I made (there are only two of us in the house!!)...I plan to cut back even more this year. Here's to a Merry & Bright holiday for ALL of us.


All is calm! Other than hosting...which is pretty cut and dry after all these years...I've worked hard to reduce the amount of commitment and stress that this season brings (like buying for girlfriends who do not need one thing...) and worked to do more of what the season is about! (How's that for a run on sentence!) xoxo Great post Kym!


I was inspired by that podcast episode as well and I'm going with Dale's favorite Christmas song for my motto: Have a holly jolly Christmas! Because, really, it it's not jolly then why do it? You're right about those meatballs, though . . .


Perfect! You have given us all the very best reasons to pause and proceed through the holidays with the best joie de vivre! Thank you! This year, since ours last year was filled with so much tension - thankfully, everything turned out for the very best - we're looking forward to a lot more joie de vivre.

Here's to Merry and Bright!


This is a beautiful idea and perfect for a person who LOVES TO SING!! I am going to spend some time thinking about what might be the perfect theme song!


Oh yes. That ornament is PERFECT! I think I'm in the Deck the Halls Camp with a side of All Is Calm and Laughing All The Way... but I'm going to think on this a little more! I love the notion...


I've already begun rehearsing Christmas music in my choir and on my piano at home. I know it sounds old fashioned, but my family always gathers around my piano and we sing Christmas carols after Christmas dinner. There are so many good lines from these songs that it's hard to choose just one, but I think I will go with "Let Heaven and Nature Sing" from Joy to the World, because we really need more music in the world!

kathy b

This is a thought provoking post for me. I'll give it some thought. Maybe StilL Still Still could be my song. I'm trying to meditate and calm it all down here. I love all the holiday music


And when things get CRAZY, you go find your ornament on the tree and take a big, deep breath!


Very thoughtful Kym. I think I'll choose "Comfort and Joy." I think they can exist side by side. What a great idea to set some intentions before the season comes knocking at the door.


I love this idea, Kym! and you've chosen a great motto :-) I'm still pondering what I'll Say Yes to this season.


What a great thing—Just One(ish) Word, holiday-style. I love it! Our holidays will be different this year due to changes in our extended family, and my crew is struggling to find the holiday spirit without a grandfather coming to visit or traveling to see cousins. I think it’s actually hardest on my husband. And all that makes my job feel bigger this year.So your post sends me to the drawing board! If you have any song phrase suggestions for me, please shout!


How wonderful you found something to remind you of your (perfect) holiday theme! I'm all about the bright as I put lights in as many places as possible and keep them up through January. Mylo makes me merry! LOL


Merry and bright is an excellent holiday theme! Personally, I am going to attempt to focus on decor -- which I haven't done in years. The gift thing became easier last year when Smokey and I told the boy--, er, young men that We.Do.Not.Need.More.Stuff.


Ten pounds of Swedish meatballs?? It’s making me faint.

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