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These days, I avoid watching and listening to the news, entirely.  I even limit myself when it comes to reading the news these days.  But, one thing I do every day . . . is scan the headlines.  (I want to know what's going on, but I don't want to upset myself with news-overload.  Y'know?)

Anyway.  Sometimes the headlines are . . . interesting!  My son-in-law, Keith, has a little project going.  He's "collecting" strange and humorous headlines, and I've decided to help.  (Unsure, of course, if my help is welcome or annoying.  But he's a very good sport and seems to be willing to humor me.)  Here are three I've sent him recently:

1 - From our local online "newspaper":


2 - And here's another gem from our local online news source:


3 - And, saving the best for last, here's my favorite headline EVER . . . from NPR:


(If you want to actually read that NPR story, here's the link.)

And now you know what to do if you stumble across an odd headline . . . send them on to me!  And I'll pass them along to Keith.  (Until he cries "uncle"!)


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When we first moved to NJ, our local newspaper had a story about a pig that escaped from the barn and got into the house The wife found him in the kitchen, standing on his back legs with his front feet on the kitchen counter. The quote from the woman was something along the lines of "I swore it was my husband in his bathrobe" and I think the headline was "Pig Masquerades as Husband in Bathrobe". I wish I had that one to send along!


I LOVE these kinds of things, and love to share them! One of my favorites was a headline of a teeny filler story in our local paper years ago, "Pig Shoots Farmer." The story was disappointing, in that it was just that a pig stepped on a gun and it went off and shot a farmer in the leg. Well, I guess it was not disappointing to the farmer, but you know what I mean ...


These are awesome. I want to know what that hunter thinks a squirrel actually looks like. And also, Who actually hunts SQUIRRELS?!?


OMG. Those are amazing...


Very fun!


So fun, Kym! that middle "story" reminded me of one of my favorite David Sedaris stories where he tells us that in Michigan blind people can get hunting licenses (gah! I haven't checked, but I'll bet you can in Georgia, too ;-)


OMG - way too funny!!


I haven't watched the news much lately so your post made my day!


It's fun when you find something like that to have an appreciative audience. By the way, is it even LEGAL to change your name?? I can only imagine the consequences... and what about funny license plates. There are lots that say ELVIS out there.


Okay... I am laughing - and especially at that last one!

Perfect follow up to "aging with intention" lol.


We got snow yesterday in PA - 8+ inches. One of the big news stories other than people being stuck for 4 hours in cars was a story about traffic being held up by a truck transporting a camel.



If I looked as good as that 69 yo man I'd join him in the lawsuit! My approach to the news is the same as yours (just enough to get by). I LOVE the first headline. Newspapers can be a source of endless entertainment if one wants to "correct" the way they write.

Cheryl S.

Thanks for some funny news for a change!

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