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Friday Fish Wrap

It's been a weird week here (between the election and my shingles shot, the days just disappeared), so I'm ready to wrap things up . . . with a Friday Fish Wrap!


(Yep.  That's the same view I featured in yesterday's blog post.  Only . . . now with added snow.)


I don't know about you, but I had a moment of near-panic yesterday . . . when I realized that Thanksgiving was only 2 weeks away.  (Really.  How did that even happen???)  So.  The holiday season is (pretty much) upon us.  It's time to think about décor and food flourishes and such.

Like . . . this (from The Chic Site).


Are these not the coolest DIY ice buckets you've ever seen?  Click here for a wonderful, detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own festive ice bucket.

(I'm planning to try make one or two for our Solstice Party next month.)


How about . . . a little fictional speculation . . . to read in front of a cozy fire???  

Late last month, the New York Times Book Review asked 5 novelists to do a little speculating . . . about what might happen next . . . in terms of Trump, post-Mueller.  

Here's the result:  Trump's Next Chapter.

(Happy reading.)


Here we are, deep into November (already), with thoughts of gratitude, of giving, of helping, of serving on our minds.  Here's an idea for you.

Glennon Doyle (author, truth-teller, and general all-around rabble-rouser and founder of Together Rising) is sponsoring the 8th annual Holiday Hands program.  This incredibly personal program offers a way to match people who need something this holiday season (help to put gifts under the Christmas tree, food for a holiday meal, basic things I take for granted every day that make life a little easier and more pleasant) with people who want to share.


You can read more about the Holiday Hands program here.  Right now, Glennon is collecting the needs.  On Tuesday, November 13, she'll be ready to match those needs with people who have something to give.  

I've never participated in this program before, but I'm going to check in on Tuesday . . . to see if there's anything I can do or contribute.  (It looks like the matching happens super fast -- she mentions in her post that the 700 needs last year were fulfilled in 6 hours -- so don't dilly-dally if you're interested in helping someone through this program.)


Recently, I was talking to a non-knitter about knitting.  She had admired one of my lacy shawls, and I explained that it wasn't all that complicated, really.  It just took some concentrating -- and counting.  After all, I explained to her, knitting is just 2 simple stitches . . . that you can arrange in endless varieties and patterns.  Kind of like . . . morse code . . . I told her.

(It was this one. . . )


And then I stumbled onto this article about wartime spies . . . who used knitting as an espionage tool!  I mean, really.  Knitting . . . that totally innocuous activity and pastime of Grandmas the world over . . . an espionage tool???  Yes!  It's true.

Knitting as morse code!  (Can't you just picture it?  Purl one if by land; knit two if by sea. . . )


Speaking of knitting, be sure to read the latest about Project Peace 2018.  Dates to note:

  • Pattern details will be released on November 15 on Ravelry.  (That's next week, folks.  November is whizzing by. . . )
  • Pattern instructions will be released on December 1.

As in past years of Project Peace, Christina will be providing periodic prompts and thoughts about peace throughout December.  This year, she'll also be releasing extra Peace Project patterns in January and February (so you can keep that Peace-full knitting going all winter long).  

Read more about Project Peace and Christina's plans on her blog -- and spread the word!  


"First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others."
                        ---- Thomas A. Kempis


I'm always looking for fun cocktail napkins (like good bumper stickers, only more fleeting and they don't mess up your car).  Someone brought this one to a little gathering at my art class yesterday . . . 


Good one, non?


And, lastly, just some glamour shots of one of my favorites -- Jamie Lee Curtis, in all of her realness.  Because we can always use a bit of awesome, y'know?



And . . . that's a wrap!  Have a great weekend, y'all.