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About That Holiday Shopping

So.  Last night, I went to opening night of the annual KIA Holiday Art Sale (a major fundraiser to benefit the Art School where I take classes).  I wanted to get a headstart on my holiday shopping.

Oh, I did some shopping alright. . .



(Cute pottery sheep.  Adorable, non?)  (What fiber-lover could resist?)

Does this happen to anyone else?  You go out to shop for the holidays . . . and come home with something for yourself?

Oh, well.

It's Friday.  Have a great weekend!


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All.The.Time. II could not/would not have resisted that cute sheep.


Always. And then we go out to eat. My best shopping is done online.

kathy b

Oh yes. Happens often. And that's ok by me. :)


Hmmm... you mean you are not supposed to do that? LOL

And, the sheep is adorable!!


Oh, yes! I would have wanted to buy every single one of those gifts for myself, and especially that yarn bowl. I've done that before, and just tell John that I've saved him the trouble of Christmas shopping for me. We both win; I get gifts that I like and he really doesn't have to shop which he hates. Enjoy your presents!


Every year! Sometimes I can’t resist a good sale!


Oh yes. At our house it works out well because my husband does not like to shop. Books seem to be my downfall. I buy one for most of my family and along the way I choose a few for myself. Yarn is another shopping rabbit hole. Yesterday my dear husband asked if I had ordered my Christmas yarn yet? Well - no so I best shake a leg.


I have a feeling it is going to happen tomorrow. :::wink:::

However, in our family we don't exchange gifts so ...........I'm guessing what I buy is ALWAYS FOR ME!!! LOL


That sheep is most adorable ... and I'm smiling at all the comments. Apparently, we all feel the same about shopping!


How COULD you resist the beautiful sheep and yarn bowl! Handmade/art things are the best of the best and you deserve it! I always feel as if I'm selfish and can't think of others when I find things I'd love to own. Is Christmas/birthday, etc. shopping ALL about me? But, then I hear you, and many others, do the same. Fortunately, I am able to get my shopping for others done, but with a few added items I love.


Having returned from our shopping weekend I'm happy to report several new items in my relax-at-home and work-out wardrobes. ;-) And that sheep is the best!

Caffeine Girl

Yes! I have a terrible time with this. I often buy presents for myself as well as others. However, my husband doesn't like to buy gifts, so I just count those as his gift to me!

Debbie Kuppusamy

If I'd have been with you we'd have been buying two of them!!


Oh my, yes. Some years are better/worse than others!!

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