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A Little Friday Adventure

By the time you read this, I'll be off on a little adventure.  I'll be on my way to Chicago to attend the SOFA (Sculptural Objects Functional Art and Design) exhibition.  It looks to be fabulous!  


I've got nothing for you today . . . except this pumpkin down the road.  I drive by it every day, and it always catches my eye.  (I think I need to draw it.)


Enjoy the weekend -- and I'll tell you all about SOFA next week.



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Have a grand time today!


Have fun! (And, yes!! I agree... you do need to draw that little pumpkin!) XO


Ooh, interesting! I hope it's wonderful and can't wait to hear about it (and see your pumpkin drawing).


Wouldn't that photo make a lovely watercolor.


Lovely mix of color in that shot! The tin siding would be fun I'll bet! Have a great time at the show. I'm heading to see something interesting myself this weekend. I'll tell you next week too! xoxo


Oh, oh, oh! I CAN'T wait!! You totally should draw that pumpkin. It's screaming to be color penciled!

kim in oregon

Have a good trip! Be safe!


Enjoy and I can't wait to hear all about it (I googled and looked at some earlier works - AMAZING!!).


Oh, I love that pumpkin... and the idea of a drawing. SOFA should be fantastic!! I can't wait to hear all about it!


Have a great time. I will look forward to reading about it.


Enjoy the weekend; looking forward to reading all about it! My immediate thought, in addition to your drawing: Waterlogue the photo ( If you have an iPhone - don't think the app exists for android).


Hope you're having a great time! look forward to hearing all about it!!

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