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Up North . . . But Different

Yesterday, I piled the dogs in the car and headed up to our little cabin . . . where we met Tom (already up there) to finish up a few shutting-down-for-the-season tasks.


Same lake.  Same view.  But different.


Same deck rail.  Same trees.  But different.

Here are three things that are REALLY different about being up north in the fall:


1 - The docks and boats are out of the water for the winter.


2 - I'm wearing the hand knits both outside and inside.


3 - And . . . I'm wearing socks and shoes!  (Truth be told, I had my flip flops on when I was getting in the car.  And then I thought about all the sh*% Tom would give me if I showed up at the cabin - where it wasn't even 40 degrees F - in my flip flops . . . and opted for shoes.)  (It was the right choice.)

It's lovely to be up here in the fall.  But very different!  


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B-r-r. At least the view is beautiful and wine is available:-).


Yes... that time of year has indeed arrived! The "put away the flip flops until next spring" time... it is indeed a sad day!

But, gorgeous views!


To each season its specialness. The view looks lovely no matter what season.

My "summer shoes" went in the trash last night --------finally too worn to make it through another season. I guess it is sneakers for me from now until next summer's purchase.


Sometimes we just have to give in to the inevitable and go with it! I have a friend who swears every year not to switch to long pants before Thanksgiving, but she's having a hard time of it this year.


I love being up north in the fall!!


I haven't started wearing socks in earnest but I am done with flip flops at this point, I think. It's been extra cold here so far and we've got a fire going in the wood stove all the time now. Damn.


I love a spot like that with all the "summer people" gone. So peaceful and calm. And...Fall is my most favorite season. The pictures are lovely.

Jeannie Gray

Gorgeous photos! I think fall might be my favorite time to visit the cabin.

kim in oregon

It must be a bit sad to shut the cabin down for the season. I hope you have a lovely rest of the week.


Beautiful pictures! You make me miss fall and cold weather! (but just for a little while)


Beautiful pictures! You make me miss fall and cold weather! (but just for a little while)

kathy b

Im glad it doesnt make you sad to close it up. Your photos are so lovely!!! Love your fingerless


What lovely photos! I've also switched from flip-flops to shoes, but I'm resisting socks!


I feel the same way about Maine! Our last trip of the season is just a bit different. The view from our windows reveal just a glimpse of water as the leaves fall down. The village is a bit quieter and the boats in the bay are significantly fewer: enjoy your time at the lake!


Lovely views ... even with shoes and socks :-)

Amy C

How beautiful! I do so love fall and wearing all the knitted things.


The color of that sky and water would make it worth the trip! Wow! Autumn would be so beautiful from the edge of your lake. The aroma of that fire would be worth the trip, too!

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