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Catching Up . . . In Three Photos

Unraveled: Art Prize Edition

Tom and I spent a lovely afternoon wandering through several Art Prize venues in Grand Rapids.  (To read more about Art Prize, click here.)  As always, there were lots of very cool pieces to see . . . and a few that I thought would be perfect to highlight here on an Unraveled Wednesday.

First, there is this piece. . .


Cacerolazo by Saskia Jorda (click the link to learn more about this powerful piece).

Red yarn.  Spilling out of pots and pans . . . and terribly hard to photograph.  (Here's another try of the red yarn with a filter.)


This powerful piece is in the running for the public vote top prize in the installation category. 

Next, an amazing quilt. . .


Pacific Quilt by Sarah FitzSimons (click the link to learn more).

This quilt is HUGE . . . and displayed on the floor -- which made it difficult to really see and appreciate all the detailed hand stitching involved.  (The colors represent the ocean topography, and the stitching represents the currents.)  Apparently, the artist intends it to be used as bedding!  (Personally, I think it would have been better displayed hanging -- because it was impossible to get a close view with it on the floor like that.)

Then, there was this collection of pieces. . .


Making Mends by Mark Newport (click to learn more about these pieces).

Many of us have been jumping on the slow stitching bandwagon lately -- embracing hand-stitching and embroidery and mending -- so these pieces especially intrigued me.


Finally, there was an incredible piece I want to share with you -- but, sadly, I don't have a photo. Oh . . . I could have taken a photo -- and it would have looked like a beautiful painting of a black panther.  But . . . it wasn't really a painting.  It was silk embroidery -- and I was just blown away!  You must click the link below to see it for yourself -- although even the artist's photos don't accurately depict the beauty of her delicate stitching.  

Black Panther by YanFang Inlow 


It's always a treat to visit Art Prize.  You just never know what will be . . . unraveling!



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Those are absolutely stunning pieces!! Thank you for taking us with you virtually. No photos of the after art show beer?


I like Cacerolazo and the explanation of the piece as peaceful urban protest. Sometimes I want to stage a peaceful protest when faced with the prospect of making dinner, so this work says something to me! The quilt is incredible, and the black panther even more so. If I hadn't known that was silk embroidery, I would have thought it was a photo - simply amazing. I enjoyed your views from Art Prize last year and even more so this year. Thanks!


Amazing pieces and that red yarn is perfect for Wednesday's unraveling post. I hope your wrist/thumb is feeling better soon.


The pots/pans and red yarn remind me of spaghetti night.

The panther is amazing.

There was a needle artist at Philadelphia's Christmas Market that did that type of stitching. I swore the fish were going to swim right off the frame. They were THAT life like.


The pots and pans hit me in the chest. Wow. Following the link of the Pacific quilt you can see the way the stitches create current and I LOVE the visible mending piece. BUT, that panther! She used one suga of Japanese silk and teeny sharp needles to layer color and create that most realistic cat. WOW! Thank you for sharing your experience!


Loving all the textile pieces! (Not everyone does...) I can't even imagine that panther piece in person.


OMG that silk embroidery is amazing!! I have always wanted to do some. Inspiration for sure!! Thanks for the tour.


Oh my! The Mending is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing these!

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