Garden Whimsy . . . Fall Edition
Sometimes Mondays


It's cold.  The leaves are falling.  
(But I'm still wearing my flip-flops.)  
(Strangers feel like it's okay to comment on my footwear choice these days.)  
(Like. . . it's none of your business, dude.)


Anyway . . . it's Friday.  So, let's TGIF.

T - Thinking about . . . what to knit next.  I finished my Tegna sweater well over a week ago now, and I haven't cast on for anything yet.  I have several ideas in mind (like this or this or this) (or, now, this), but I'm also considering knitting a few Christmas gifts this year.  Decisions, decisions.

G - Grateful for . . . our plans for a quiet weekend at home.  It's been busy lately, and I'm ready for a no-commitments kind of weekend.

I - Inspired by . . . my copy of the new book Mending Matters by Katrina Rodabaugh.  It's a beautiful book full of all kinds of lovely images (who could imagine that mending could be so incredibly lovely?) and handy mending techniques that look so very cool.  It makes me want to go rip up my jeans, just so I can mend them.

F - Fun . . . I love walking in my neighborhood in the fall.  I love watching the leaves change -- but I especially appreciate some of the very clever - and very fun - ways my neighbors decorate for the season.  JoJo and I were quite surprised to see this near the sidewalk earlier this week.  Definitely fun!


So . . . what's your TGIF situation today?


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Ryan was late and ended up running to his class across campus in flip flops in the snow last week. He said he would have done it sooner if he had known how concerned his class would be and how it seemed to make his students actually pay attention (even if they were just paying attention to see if he had frostbite). So wear your flip flops for as long as you want to and have a lovely quiet weekend!

kim in oregon

I used to comment on all my students who wear flip flops all winter long until we started spending time at the coast and now the uniform is a sweat shirt and flip flops, which makes no sense until you are there. So I apologize for my judginess on people with flip flops and will never do it again.


I'm going to make a comment on your footwear too. Those SHOES!!! OMGosh....they are adorable.

My TGIF ---- the sun is out, I have a cup of tea which I will savor slowly and I'm meeting up with a friend to go yarn shopping tomorrow. TGIF indeed!


I am still in flip flops too... even this morning out in the hard frost! Ha! And, yes... MYOB Dude!

Oh my those knits... I am sort of enamored of all things Ellen Mason lately! Have a great QUIET weekend! XO


I'll admit I gave up my flip flops a bit ago but I'm still wearing canvas sneakers without socks so there's that, anyway. Hooray for a quiet weekend at home, we're headed off to see Kathy Mattea and then we're staying for the weekend in Rockport, a seaside town on the North Shore of MA.


In this era of Instagram, Facebook, website cookies, ad infinitum "mind your own business" seems almost quaint. These few days of glorious October brought me out to actually plant some pansies last night, freeing them from many days of plastic nursery pot limbo.... Now I expect to see never-ending ads for pansies, plants, even purple in my email box. (And, like you, I try to wear my flip-flops until frostbite season. Uh-oh, another ad.)


P.S. I just linked to your fourth "this" and having seen it in the wild recently I definitely vote for THAT.


ooohhh, your next knit options are all beautiful, but I thought you might've listed something from the new Making. I am in love with ALL the knits I've seen in the previews. (sadly, my copy is still en route). Flip Flop On, my friend and enjoy your slow weekend!!


That skeleton is the best! If someone were to comment about flip-flops around here they'd be commenting to every other person. More people where sandals in winter than summer, I swear (no me!). Smith gave me a too worn to fix pair of jeans that I'm going to save for my own future holes! Like you, I'm tempted to create a few just to try my hand!


And now so beautiful! I've got to seriously finish the Kimono I'm knitting (the end is in sight) and sew up a completed sweater so I can move on! My Making came over the weekend and we were away. I've got to grab some time to sit down and enjoy. I hope your weekend was as uncommitted as you'd hoped! xo

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