A Little Break
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I am not all that ready, but it might have something to do with the drear... I like my fall days to be sunny & crisp and they have definitely not been that. I have turned on the furnace, though... ready or NOT, here it is.


I just drove home from the gym and it seems over the weekend everything has changed. Trees are turning, but the temps are still warm during the day. Nights are perfect for sleeping. Ahhh... fall!


I'm ready too, but this week it is back to summer (hot!) weather here in central Illinois!


I'm so ready, but like Debbie, we're also back to hot (80-85) and humid weather beginning tomorrow. Please send some fall eastward!


Gorgeous beauty berry!


It’s October 1 and it feels like a switch brought cool almost cold mornings, nice toasty afternoons.


We've been in chilly mornings fall mode for a couple of weeks, but from what I hear autumn is coming in with a vengeance (along with rain!). Your beauty berries are so vibrant.


I'm ready for it .............the weather and the trees say let's prolong summer a little longer.


Now I kn ow what beauty berries are! And they are gorgeous. I'm ready for fall and cool nights sitting out on the deck with the heater going. Now...let's get rid of this rain!

Honore Francois

Fall! My favorite time of the year. Bring it on! Love the photo.


Yes, I am so ready for autumn - my favorite season. Today, Wednesday, we were back to summer temps but I think they will be short lived. I love the colors, tastes, and scents of the season.

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