Happy Legs

Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like cleaning up.


I spent much of my weekend outside, in my garden, clearing things up and preparing my garden beds for the winter.  It's a bittersweet time, but so very nice to be out.

More to do out there today.

How about you?  What's your Monday looking like?


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Cleaning up is more fun with cute boots! Right now my Monday involves waiting for our guests to wake up. They stopped in unexpectedly on their way to visit other friends, and now I'm waiting for them to get on their way so I can get started on my day!


My Monday looks like work but I've got a big smile on my face from our fabulous weekend away.


Those boots ALWAYS make me smile!! My day is looking like work...and a conference call in about 5 minutes...


My yard looks like a bomb went off due to the big winds over the weekend. It's more than I can handle, so I hope to hire someone to haul away all of the limbs and other debris while I work on the more manageable garden clean up tasks!


I was hoping to get outside today, but's COLD! I am not handling this sudden cold very well this year.


Out to lunch with my knitting group and recovering from seeing Hamilton yesterday!


Back to work after 4 lovely days off! Really...4 more would have been nice! :-)


Taking dog to the vet for shots, paying bills, just the usual usual! Thank goodness for my two boy roommates one human and one canine!

Your yellow boots are a ray of sunshine!


Oh my, I'm doing all the cleaning I should have done this weekend. I've been wanting to get out and plant bulbs, but that may happen later in the week. There just isn't enough time, some days.


We cleaned the inside of our house today ... and now Monday is looking bright (and smelling good!) it's also chilly (for us) and I put a blanket on the bed when I made it this morning. This week might be looking cozy, too!

kathy b

We were up way early to help the students at the Barn ride today. GOrgeous sunny day. I usually leave my stone crop up till spring. I think.....Do you?


I took a long walk on a beautiful afternoon - a reward for visiting the State Insurance office with my husband to get our Medicare prescription coverage ducks in a row for another year. I wonder if the Congress people have to consider so much information in their insurance plans??


That is on my list for today... somehow my wish that the Garden Godmother get that all done while we were away playing was not realized! LOL

But, today is another sunny gorgeous day, so it is not so painful to be outside working!

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