Weekend Diversion
Celebrating . . . 120 Years


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That quiet is such an empty feeling! Sending you love and hugs today as you ease into your week! XO


I love the visits and hate the missing and quietness when the house empties. It's a little bittersweet, but also incredibly wonderful to spend time with kids that you of course love, but also like and admire!


A feeling I also know all too well! We'll have to take joy in the memories of good times spent together and happiness knowing it will happen again soon (or sort of...)! xo


Lovely picture of ALL of your "kids".

I do know ..............I really miss our son when he first leaves to go back home. Every age has it's challenges and I think this is the challenge for parents of grown-up kids.


So glad you had a nice visit!! <3


I hope you can find a way to embrace the quiet but I know it must be difficult to have them be there and just . . . gone again.


That photo you shared on IG of them walking away in the airport ... gah - verklempt! It is wonderful to have your kids making their own way, but it is also wonderful to have them come back - for a visit! :-)

kathy b

I know that feeling too. It s a tough tough one. THe airport photos and goodbyes are never easy. Always tearful. We LOVE them so. We should be glad I guess. For the pain because we adore them so


Oh yes that ache when our far away children leave! So raw so real.


And as a once grown child, t’ was always difficult for me to say goodbye when I left after visiting my parents in their “empty nest.” [deep sigh]


They look happy and content. The time after guests leave is too quiet, too empty, but the waves of joy left behind continue to wash over you. May there be a big wave on occasion that just bowls you over. :)

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