Finding the Space
Escape to the Movies

Sometimes Mondays

. . . look a little foggy.


Seriously foggy.

Like outside.  And also in my head.

It was a tough weekend - emotionally - for me (and, I imagine, for many of you, too).  I indulged in a little despair and a lot of anger.  I whined some (and "wined" some).  And I have sworn off the news for awhile.  (Again.)

But now it's Monday.  Time to clear the fog.  To find a way to move through it.  And to figure out how I can shine my bright light in it . . . however I can.

Let's go!



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The news was rough this weekend but I'm thankful that I had Jackie's party and Doreen's visit to distract me. And a Monday holiday, too. Did you read Robert Redford's statement? I found it to be helpful with regards to hanging on to hope.


Let's GO! Let's never give up, never lose focus, let's hold on what we know is true. Voting, we must get out the vote! There are few ways to make a change, but voting is the first bastion. After that we storm the castle. :)


I had to turn off the news as well. I get so overwhelmed and feel such despair for our country, but I have to hope that we can change things. We have to hope!


I have high hopes for the midterm elections, but after chatting with some guests this weekend, I just don't know. I thought I knew them well, and at least one of them was just as angry as I am, but she was angry at how Kavanaugh had been treated. Guests around my table were not a statistically significant cross-section of registered voters, but it was a disconcerting conversation. I have to turn off the news and have hope for the long haul.


It's a foggy morning here too. But, I can see the fall color starting to peak through and that in itself makes me happy.


I like the storm the castle idea! I'll be voting for sure and watching and hoping that something changes!

kathy b

It was so tough last week. My goodness it got into my head in a bad way. I have to cut back on news period. Im not burying my head in the sand, But just because the technology is there we dont have to use it. I can go on news overload and it is not good for me at all. So lets try to move on and hope with the November polls, we have some victories.


The sun did shine here in these parts - Washington DC - and you can just guess how difficult that can be, considering...
Tonight, we are forgoing our usual TV faire (msnbc) and watching the Red Sox/Yankees...and I've not listened to my car radio since the day after the Nov 2016 election. As you, one definitely needs a


Yes let's go. Forward. Voting. And yes, after a tough weekend I resolved to take a break from the news and pick up my knitting. Together we can hope.


Voting is keeping me focused! I am sending postcards and working the polls this year - VOTING is our lifeline and our ticket out of this nightmare!

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