Sometimes Mondays
Unraveled: Art Prize Edition

Ms. CrankyPants

There are many things that are currently making me cranky.  Most of them are not really suitable for a blog post.  (For one reason or another.)  And some of them are already making most of you cranky, too.  (So . . . why go there.)

But this one?


Oh, yes.  MAJOR culprit in the cranky department.

I don't blog about this, but I have rheumatoid arthritis.  Have had for . . . nearly 30 years now.  While it causes some problems for me now and again, it's mainly under control.  Which means it rarely stops me from doing what I want to be doing.  (Better living through chemistry.  And all that.)


Every once in a while, some joint will flare up in a major way.  Usually, it's my knee.  Occasionally, it's my jaw.  And, most annoyingly, sometimes it's my wrist.

And you know what that means, don't you?  Yeah.  No knitting.  No stitching.  No working out.  No walking the dogs.  Minimal gardening.  Typing with one hand.  And lots of grumbling. . . 

But I can still lift my cup of coffee.  
And hold a book.  
And sit in the car while Tom drives me up to Grand Rapids for Art Prize later today.  

So life is very good, really.

(I'm just wearing my CrankyPants.)


PS - JoJo is feeling cranky today, too.  She has an ear infection, but is on the mend.  (We're partners-in-crank.)




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You are awesome in dealing with your cranky and finding reasons to be content and grateful! Great inspiration!


Oh man, I hope it gets better soon. Meanwhile, have a great time at Art Prize!!


Best to have a partner in crank! Hoping the flare-up flares-down soon my friend! xo

kim in oregon

Oof not fun. Fast healing to you!


Oh, booger! That's not fun. Hope the inflammation settles soon and you can get back to all the things you love.


Ugh! Hope the inflammation subsides soon. Being cranky every once in awhile is ok. It releases negativity ( which we all accumulate a bit) and allows us to enjoy the good things. Have fun at Art Prize. Curious about what that is.


That's a bummer and I hope it will be better soon! I hear you on the cranky. I ripped into Dale over the weekend and realized (mostly quickly) that my anger had nothing to do with him but he was the closest target.


Aww! Hope you feel better soon. At least you can read!


I hope you feel better soon! I have RA too...along with fibromyalgia. I get cranky and depressed when I have a flare, even though I haven't had a major flare in several years. I have to remind myself to be thankful that my episodes of inflammation have decreased in intensity & frequency over the years. I really hope you feel better soon!


Most of us probably never knew and personally I am inspired that you have not let this stop you. "When the going gets tough., the tough get going" must be your motto, Kym, and letting yourself get a bit cranky occasionally is pretty healthy in my opinion. How can you stay strong by always holding it ( your feelings) in? We are here to listen.


I'm sorry for the flare up, but glad you have a cranky partner in JoJo. I hope the inflammation does not last too long and you are soon healthy and back to doing all the things you want to do. In the mean time, enjoy coffee, reading, and Art Prize!


Argh, so many of us have RA, why is that? So, we know a bit of what each other is going through and can connect. We know how hard it is to describe the flares and at times the difficulties to go through the everyday aches. How sad it is one has to “borrow” from tomorrow to get through the day. Unfortunately those debts add up.
So, cranky and grumbling is ok and rest is better, especially with a book.
Jojo is at least lucky to have a partner in crime - whoops, crankiness!

Honore Francois

No fun...but enjoyed the lemonade you made! I recall 8 weeks in 2013 when my hand was in a cast...I broke a little tiny bone...and yes it was my write/right hand! This cranky pants was also scared...would I never be able to write again? Fortunately, t’was not the case tho’ occasionally I feel a bit of arthritis...but we gals know how how to persevere!

Thanks for sharing and your upbeat approach! Grumble anytime with us.


This is that "it's always something" post. And it is always something with our health and well-being. You've learned to go with it and deal. I hope your wrist heals quickly and you can do the things you love soon. Enjoy Art Prize!

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