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Garden Whimsy . . . Fall Edition

Knit a Harvest

"But there's a full moon rising
Let's go dancing in the light
We know where the music's playing
Let's go out and feel the night"
                -- Neil Young, Harvest Moon


So.  This year, I've been having WAY too much fun putting together monthly "care packages" for my adult children.  Usually, I organize each little package around a "theme" of some sort (which makes it easier to put them together, y'know?).  For October, I went with a "harvest" theme, and featured pumpkin stuff:  a pumpkin carving kit, pumpkin chocolates, and these . . .


Adorable knitted pumpkins!  

Simple and quick to make -- and a big hit on the receiving end.  (Ravelry details here.)

There's still time to knit yourself a harvest this fall.  (Just sayin.')


Be sure to visit Kat today, to see what's . . . unraveling!


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How fun! We knit prayer pumpkins a few years ago for some members of our congregation who could not get out. I love the cable on this one..


Great idea, I just printed out the pattern!
Thanks for the idea.


Aw, those are adorable!!


Perfect, and just the right size! I'm heading home to NJ tomorrow where I think I've got some orange leftovers. I haven't carved pumpkins for several years, but hopefully I can get a few of these done and have pumpkins this year!


Fun! I've been pretty good about the care packages this year. I can't even imagine what Dan would think about a knitted pumpkin! :-)


Too cute! Love that the “punkins” are “forever...” Bet your kids are looking forward to their kits.!


Too cute!! And, could even go for a Thanksgiving theme!! Hmmm this might be the incentive I need to get those blankets done! Ha!


So cute!


Those are so stinkin' cute! And not fiddly? Because I can't do the fiddly.


These little knitted pumpkins are just so much fun. Your kiddos are going to love their care packages. I’ m going to try to knit a little pumpkin!

kathy b

Love that you send care packages. I should try that. I normally send lots of cards, but care packages would be fun !


I must make those pumpkins! How adorable!

kim in oregon

OMG I'm off to download that pattern now. So darn cute!


Love how the personality of the pumpkin can be changed by how you stuff it. Yours is firm and emphatic ("it has 'pumpkin 'tude") while one of the samples is looser packed, squashed and settled looking. if I liked knitting small stuffed objects (which unfortunately I don't) It would be so fun to see what variety you could get just by playing around with the stuffing. (Took a cloth-doll-making class years ago which explains why I am so fixated on stuffing LOL).


super fun, Kym - thanks for sharing!


The gift boxes (care packages) are just the BEST idea. Your knitted gifts are little treasures. Pumpkins are a great idea this time of year as they will work as decor until the Xmas stuff comes out. You're a fun mom!


I love the knitted pumpkins. Perfect for a pumpkin care package.

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