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Happy Legs

When the weather cools down, I pretty much live in leggings and tunics.  (The stretchier, the better!)  I sew tunics for myself all the time, but I've never sewn a pair of leggings before . . .

until last weekend!


These awesome and most comfortable leggings (maroon with white polka dots FTW!) are made from Sonya Phillips' Pants No. 2 pattern.  A snap to sew (no serger necessary), super clear directions, a great fit, and . . . $3.97 for the fabric.


My legs?


VERY happy!


I've decided to knit for Christmas this year, so while there is no unraveling going on, there is also no knitting I can show.  But you can check out what others have been "raveling" over at Kat's!



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OOOO! I LOVE those leggings! I had looked at that pattern and thought, darn... no serger here. But, your review is excellent! (And, those are so CUTE!)


Impressive! Sewing your own leggings does seem a bit daunting to me but yours are so cute!


The leggings - and YOU - are adorable and perfect! Well done!


Very nice! Every time I think you sewists can't sew anything else, you do!


Fabulous!!! I've wondered about that pattern and now I know - I am ordering it. I love leggings and your pair is super cute!!


How cute are those polka dots? And, how cute are YOU in them? Congrats on the finish. They are adorable.


Soooo cute! And I can't even imagine how much fun you had during the photo shoot! xo


OK, those are SO GREAT!! And now on my list. I can't remember whether you've sewn other Sonya Phillips patterns...


Those photos are so great! Happy legs, indeed!

Kim Sheehan

Those are SPUNKY leggings!


Polka dots are always a good idea and legging?!! Great combination. I am going to have to try leggings and a tunic.


oh I LOVE those leggings, Kym! (want the details on the tops you're wearing, too!) My learn-to-sew-knits class is next week - can't wait!


Wow! Good color!


I've been trying for three days to post on this and I'm thinking today will be THE day! I LOVE your tights! Was the fabric easy to use? I can't imagine. How wonderful you can make an wear something so fun and useful. You look great it them, too!

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