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Garden Whimsy . . . Fall Edition

I like to do a little decorating out in the garden for fall.  Not much.  Nothing elaborate.  Mostly just . . . 


1 - Changing out my containers, adding some mums, and throwing in a few pumpkins.  (With trusty old "Skelly-man" for seasonal interest.)


2 -- Having fun with pumpkins.  I especially like using the pumpkins with unusual shapes and colors.  (That's a real pumpkin on the bottom, topped with a pottery decoration that just happened to fit on top.)


3 - And bringing out the old, familiar favorites.  (Skelly-man, above, and this pumpkin face have been part of my fall garden décor for 15 years now.)

It's fun to bring a little whimsy to the garden in the fall!

How about you?  Do you decorate outside for fall?


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I don't usually decorate much outdoors for fall, beyond lots of mums. After admiring yours though, I think I need a great fall wreath. Skelly-man is cool!


I love your red door and those whimsical decorations! We do add mums and pumpkins to our front porch, but that's about it.


Yes! We did this year! Those whimsical decorations are just wonderful! I especially love the stack of pumpkins!


I swap out summer plants for mums and I change my wreaths but most of my fall decorating is done indoors. Your garden decorations are always inspirational!


Mostly autumnal decorations are inside at our house. Your outdoor decor is very inspirational.

kathy b

i do! Even though no one trick or treats here on the hill, I've had the big plastic jack o lanterns outside. Seems we have been entertaining a bit and everyone loves them on the porch. I also have a light up ghost inside for us. I think decorating brings whimsy to our lives.


I sometimes do, but just a little bit. Here on Curaçao it feels off to decorate for fall, since it's kinda always summer. Although it's easier to buy pumpkins here than it's in the Netherlands, so maybe next year (when we have a home of our own) I'll join the pumpkin fun.


Love Skelly-man....he is adorable.

The only decor I did this year was to pot up some mums.


Love the wooden pumpkin face and your door wreath! I've got an orange berry wreath on my front door, but didn't find anything season to add this year. Inside I have orange, green, and purple twinkle lights, plus a very handsome witch and a few mini pumpkins. This is the time of year that sparks my indoor lighting enthusiasm!


Doug has changed his tree lights to "spooky" orange lights and we've got the wine rack done the same. There are lots of pumpkins and mums around and some gourds and pumpkins inside. I have a couple of primitive decorations I think...I'll have to do some digging! That pumpkin stack is brilliant!


Kate donated a decrepit but cool old chair that she found on the curb and plopped a lovely yellow mum on the seat... I added a big orange pumpkin at its feet. It's simple and pretty. I have a "bat skeleton" decoration that I like to hang on the door, or a big spider web decoration that I've had for a long time... a favorite tombstone with a Celtic flavor is in the yard year-round!

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