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Escape to the Movies

Looking for an escape?  The news is crap and things seems pretty bleak at the moment.  So, hey!  Let's go to the movies!  

Tom and I saw the new A Star is Born yesterday.  No spoilers here . . . although I will say we both liked it  (And that one song?  So stuck in my head . . . ) (And when GaGa ooooooo-aahaa-oooooo?  Oh, yeah, best part of the movie . . .


The Streisand/Kristofferson version of A Star is Born came out when I was a senior in high school, and my friends and I so-so-so loved it.  This new one?  Better music.  Grittier.  More Real somehow.  Extremely well done.  (Plus Bradley Cooper.  With an Eddie Vedder look.  What more can I say?)  Overall, a very good way to escape for a couple of hours.

Because I think some of you might be interested, here's a fun little video . . . analyzing the evolution of A Star is Born from 1937 to 1954, 1976 to 2018.  Enjoy!

And then . . . maybe escape to a movie!


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It's definitely been a WEEK hasn't it.

I was thinking last night about how divided this country has become and truly, it makes me sad. Our president continues to fuel the fires of hate and division like it's some sort of game.

It seems that ridiculing people has become the nation's new pastime. In the words of our less-than-illustrious leader ...............SAD.


Movies are a great escape! I saw the Streisand/Kristofferson version several times in high school, but this new one looks even better and well worth seeing. I found out yesterday that The Handmaid's Tale is NOT the way to escape from last week! (Excellent, but now is not the time.)


I'm planning to escape to the movies a lot over the next few months because Oscars! But also because entertainment is way better than the news.


Didn't know there was a 1937s version. Thought the Garland ' 54 one was the first. Will have to see Lady Gaga's. Loved the preview trailer. Thanks for the video,


I may have to check out this version. I didn't like the Streisand/Kristofferson version, so haven't really been interested in this one...but I definitely need SOME distraction!


Hey there! I just enjoyed nearly an hour catching up on your blog (hope your wrist is better, loved seeing your visit with Erin & Keith and the art - wow - especially that last piece) and the links (special thanks for the amaryllis PSA) and this video. I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that I haven't seen A Star Is Born in any of its iterations - and this was the perfect intro. Thank you!!


I saw it last night! Man can Lady Gaga sing! And yes, the music was soooo good! That said, I think I belt out a pretty good Evergreen while driving the ride on mower around the yard. (That's because Barbs music is the only one I can hear over the mower!) xoxo


Thanks! My sister’s birthday is on Saturday and now I have a great idea for celebrating!


Great idea! And, this movie is on my list! :)


This movie is SO on my list! I loved the Streisand/Kristofferson version, too, and made a HUGE mistake with my hair because of it. And then an even HUGER mistake in having it undone. Haha.


Because I loved the Kristofferson/Streisand version so much I really must see this movie. Cooper/Gaga is NOT to be missed! I'm also wanting to see Crazy Rich Asians as my escape, too. Movies are self care at its finest.

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