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Celebrating . . . 120 Years

In December, Tom will turn 60.

Then, in March, I will turn 60.

Together . . . that's 120 years!  And that calls for a Big Celebration, don't you think?  A real shared Birthday Extravaganza!


We don't know what our celebration will look like quite yet.
(But we will NOT be throwing any surprises of any type.)
We're not sure what we'll do.  
(But we do know there will be adventure involved...)
We just want it to be . . . well . . . EPIC.

We've decided to create a "60 for 60" list for us to work from.  Kind of like a bucket list . . . but just for our 60th birthday year.  We're working on it now (Tom will have 20 items just for him, I'll have 20 items just for me, and we'll have 20 items for the both of us together), and we've decided that our timeframe for completion will be the 15 months beginning on Tom's birthday in December, and then extending through my 61st birthday in March of 2020 (which gives us 15 months to work with).

Thinking about our lists has been fun, but also much harder than I thought it would be.  We want our lists to be well-rounded, including travel, personal goals, significant experiences, learning things, and stepping outside our comfort zones.  So it takes a lot of thought and consideration -- especially when it involves the "together" part of our list.  Because we BOTH have to want to do/see/experience whatever it is!  

It's going to be interesting to see what we come up with -- and even more interesting to see what we do with it.

How about you?  What would you include on a special-birthday-bucket-list?