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Celebrating . . . 120 Years

In December, Tom will turn 60.

Then, in March, I will turn 60.

Together . . . that's 120 years!  And that calls for a Big Celebration, don't you think?  A real shared Birthday Extravaganza!


We don't know what our celebration will look like quite yet.
(But we will NOT be throwing any surprises of any type.)
We're not sure what we'll do.  
(But we do know there will be adventure involved...)
We just want it to be . . . well . . . EPIC.

We've decided to create a "60 for 60" list for us to work from.  Kind of like a bucket list . . . but just for our 60th birthday year.  We're working on it now (Tom will have 20 items just for him, I'll have 20 items just for me, and we'll have 20 items for the both of us together), and we've decided that our timeframe for completion will be the 15 months beginning on Tom's birthday in December, and then extending through my 61st birthday in March of 2020 (which gives us 15 months to work with).

Thinking about our lists has been fun, but also much harder than I thought it would be.  We want our lists to be well-rounded, including travel, personal goals, significant experiences, learning things, and stepping outside our comfort zones.  So it takes a lot of thought and consideration -- especially when it involves the "together" part of our list.  Because we BOTH have to want to do/see/experience whatever it is!  

It's going to be interesting to see what we come up with -- and even more interesting to see what we do with it.

How about you?  What would you include on a special-birthday-bucket-list?



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Happy birthdays!!!!!

I would meet all the bloggers in person!

kim in oregon

That's a great idea. I turned 60 in December and Tim turns 60 a year from now, so maybe we can meet in the middle~


Your idea gives me a lot to think about...I have 65 coming up next year...yikes! I think what is most important is spending time with family & friends and engaging in activities that you enjoy. Have fun!


How very cool! I love the celebration of 120 years and the whole shared aspect of it. I pretty much ignored my 60th and 61st birthdays, but I have been thinking about things I want to do. My list would include seeing the Northern Lights, taking a train trip, have afternoon tea someplace fancy, write letters to both of my sons, go on a Segway tour, visit Banff National Park in Canada, try out snowshoeing, and collect my poems into a book and self-publish them. I'm afraid the together part of our list would be nigh onto impossible for both John and I, so I can't offer much help there. I'm anxious to see what you and Tom come up with and hope you'll share some of them.


It never occurred to me to make that kind of list...and I’m not sure my honey would like it. But what the heck, no guts, no glory!


This is a fabulous idea and a wonderful way of really embracing this milestone and extending it, too. Dale and I did a list of 18 in 2018 for this year and it's been fun, I think we will do it again for 2019.


Love this idea! My husband and I do not have particularly "significant" birthdays coming up, and much like Jo mentioned in her comment above, I'm not sure I could get my husband to even generate a list with the necessary number of items on it to celebrate our combined birthdays. (We would be looking at 140+!!) I think I might try Carole's idea of coming up with 19 wishes and goals for 2019.


I so love this! My sainted in-laws went on a 50 day cruise for their 50th anniversary. But, I think they could have used your list guidelines... My Father-in-law LOVED IT.... my "don't wear beige and never keep your mouth shut" Mother-in-law was not so happy with it. And, boy did she let everyone know! So, dad went on some AMAZING shore excursions while mom was utterly pampered on the ship (including the requisite martinis!!) So, I guess in the long run, they each did have a good time in their own way!

(And, my list would have some travel on it! Just saying!)

Julia in KW

Hmmmmmm! My husband and I have a couple of years til we are at 60, so we should be able to come up with that kind of list if we started now (and I am!). 😉


What a great idea. My husband and I have 8 years difference between us, so this wouldn't work, but maybe some variation of it, like the 19 in 2019. :) Thanks for the idea. And ENJOY!


Sounds like a brilliant plan!


I love this! My husband has a big birthday in a few weeks, I have a big birthday in 2019: (145 years combined) AND we celebrate our 50th wedding Anniversary in 2020!! We talk a lot about travel and do have a big trip planned for 2020 but, I think it is the simple pleasures that we need to concentrate on. He’s not so good at lists so this could be tricky!


oh that's such a wonderful idea, Kym! I had a great time with my 50 for 50 list, but creating/sharing the experience with Marc would be even better. Look forward to seeing what y'all come up with ... and then following along!


I can't believe we're staring 60 in the face! I love your idea for celebrating!!


I love this! Me...60 in February and Doug...65 in March. I'm not sure I could get him to write anything down but...I'll bet I could talk him into something like this. We will be spending his 65th in St. John though so that's a good start!


Norman and I have long since passed our 60th birthdays...but we both have one coming in, I’ll have to see what we can conjure the meantime: your idea and plans seem to be a lot of fun...looking forward to reading about what you come up with and what you do! Enjoy!


Such a great idea!!! Get your bucket list in early I always say.


You two are going to have SO MUCH FUN deciding how best to make 60+60 great and then DOING all.the.things!!

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