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We had a perfect California get-away last week.  It was ideal, really -- a quick trip with only one objective:  spend time with Erin and Keith.  No side trips.  No schedule.  No expectations.  We loved it!

Erin gave us a personal, guided tour of the LinkedIn campus when we arrived.  I have visited LinkedIn before (back when Erin was an intern), but Tom hadn't been there yet.  It's very cool to see where your kid works . . . and it's super interesting to see one of these tech companies from the inside!


We had a lot of fun just hanging out . . . sampling California beer (so many great ones to choose from!) and eating what turned out to be a lot of amazing gourmet hamburgers.  Erin and Keith introduced us to Mochi ice cream.  (I'll just say . . . some flavors are better than others, but the texture takes some getting used to.)  And we also visited Psycho Donuts -- Silicon Valley's "gourmet donut asylum."  Great fun.


We played a lot of games.  Erin and Keith love games and puzzles of all kinds -- everything from sophisticated video games to Uno around the dinner table -- and we were happy to play along with them.  They introduced us to a couple of new board games, we went mini golfing.  We even did an escape room, which was WAY fun.  (Basically, it was like a real-life video game where walls move and things happen when you solve the puzzles.  Very exciting!  Highly recommended for family fun.)


We had a fabulous time.  It was so nice to just relax for a few days with Erin and Keith.  I'm so happy that Erin has a job she loves, and has settled so well into her new life with Keith in California.  
(It's just . . . so far away.  Y'know?)  
(But a great place to visit.  So there is that.)

And here's a bonus photo (because this one just kind of sums up the whole trip) . . .



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Jeannie Gray

Sounds like you had a great time. Congrats on escaping the room! We have a few for our Halloween thing at work and the idea of them just terrifies me!


It's wonderful that you and Tom got to visit with Erin and Keith. Isn't it great when our kids turn out to be people we like to hang out with? Looks like a really great time!


So much FUN!! They look happily settled. I love your scarf -- noticed it right away on IG, too!

kim in oregon

Sounds like an amazing time with much fun had!

Caffeine Girl

That looks like a perfect trip. Just relaxed fun. It would be fascinating to go inside a big tech company.
You already know this...Your daughter is adorable!


That sounds like the best visit, just spending time with Erin and Keith (and good beer and food is always a plus)! I know the great feeling of seeing your kid happy and settled where s/he lives and works, but why do California and Colorado have to be so far away? It would be great if someone could move those states closer to MI and NJ for us!


Fabulous trip. I am glad you were able to spend time with your daughter. I know all about that distance thing, the miles between Nebraska and Connecticut are way too many. I love the way you just made the trip about being together. Nothing better.


It is hard. You can't even do a 6 hour RT car ride. If you move to AZ would you be halfway between them? Or are you happily and permanently ensconced in Michigan?


I see a lot of laughing and smiles, fun and joy, which is as it should be!


Yay for visiting the kids! Looks like a great little get-a-way Kym!


Visits with the kids is just the best time ever! It looks like you had amazing weather and so much fun!!

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