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The Seedy Underbelly

Over the last few years, I've been chipping away at what I've taken to calling . . . Streamlining.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  And whatever you choose to call it . . . KonMari-ing.  Swedish Death Cleaning.  Simplifying . . . it all comes down to the same thing:  throwing stuff out

I've done the easy stuff.  My closet.  The linen closet.  Kitchen cabinets.  The junk drawer.

Now, though?  It's time to take some Serious Action.  I'm headed to the Dark Side.  To the seedy underbelly of my streamlining projects . . . [cue Jaws soundtrack music] . . . and it's not pretty.


I have this giant filing cabinet.  It's a lovely piece of furniture, actually.  And it harkens back to the days of . . . paper.  Back when I had an analog filing system.  With hanging files and color-coordinated file folders and labels.  And I used it!  I was organized and I kept up (pretty much) with my filing, and when Tom asked, "Do you know where [this or that] document is?"  I could say YES with confidence.

And then. . . it all went digital.  

And now I have a digital filing system.  With organized Documents files and a back-up system and Evernote.  And I use it!  And when Tom asks, "Do you know where [this or that] document is?  I can say YES with confidence.

But I still have . . . all that paper.

And, what's worse is that for far too many years, I double-dipped.  I had the new digital system AND I still had the old analog system.  Except I didn't keep up with the paper filing.  At all.  I just opened a drawer and jammed it in.  Like this . . .


Every drawer looks like this.  Packed to the gills.  And now (as you can see from the first photo), spilling out onto the floor.  And the desk (that you cannot see in any photo).  (So you'll have to use your imagination.)

In fact, I cannot use the office at all.  Because it makes my stomach turn to just walk in to the office and see the . . . paper.  All the paper.  All the paper that I no longer need.  


I have this perfectly nice office.  
With a lot of storage space.  
That is totally unusable.  
Because it is filled with paper that has long ago reached its potential usefulness.
In any way.

For YEARS, I have wanted to tackle this project.  To clear the space.  To make things functional again.  But there has always been a huge barrier:  SHREDDING.  (Plus time.  Always the time.)  (But mostly . . . shredding.)  Because a lot of the stuff in those file cabinets really needs to be shredded before it can be recycled.  And . . . well.  UGH.  It will take hours and will burn out the motor on my shredder and will make me terribly grumpy.

So I try not to think about it . . . while continuing to experience that stomach-turning sensation whenever I walk by the office.


Yes, friends.  I am going in there today.  
I am going to begin.  
I'm going to empty those drawers and create some physical space in the office -- and some mental space for myself.

My secret weapon?  
I found a local, drop-off shredding company that charges 18 cents a pound!

Here I go. . . 

(And how about YOU?  Do you have any spaces in your house that you are loathe to tackle?  Maybe we can cheer each other on?)