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The Cat's Away. . .

I dropped Tom off at the airport yesterday.  It's just me and the dogs for a few days!


You know what they say?  While the cat's away, the mouse will play!

Not that I change my routine all that much when Tom is away.  (We really don't get in each other's way.)  But there are some noteable differences when I'm at home for a few days on my own.

  1. I let the dogs sleep with me on the bed.  (No room when Tom's home.)
  2. I spread projects all over the kitchen island and leave them there.  (As my kids would be quick to tell you, this is taboo in our house!)
  3. I don't cook.  (I have a batch of leftover carbonara that I will eat for every meal until it runs out.  Then?  Take-out sushi!)

How about you?  Do your routines change when you're at home on your own?


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Absolutely, yes! Sherman also gets to sleep in bed! And, I read when I eat! It is so much fun! Haha!


Yes! Boone on the bed, television off and un-Doug-like food for the win! xoxo Enjoy!


Yes! and Yes! No dogs here, but I do #2 and #3 as much as possible. For me it's usually leftovers, then the deliciousness of Thai food. Enjoy!


My routine doesn't change as much as it used to... but I love not having to worry about/consider anyone's schedule but my own!

And cereal for every meal. :)


That's a great list of relaxing the routines. I'm not sure mine change much when Dale is away - which he hardly ever is, frankly. I think I tend to go to bed earlier and I definitely don't cook full meals. I know when I'm away he changes his routine quite a bit. He watches all Civil War stuff on TV and he doesn't make the bed and he stays up too late. Oh, and he eats venison!


It's just me & my dog in this house, so I don't have to worry about anyone else. But, I had to learn a long time ago to discipline myself to prepare nutritious meals...even though they were just for me, although once in a while I enjoy pizza or Thai take-out !


It’s the one drawback of retirement—hubby is almost always around. That ‘s usually good but once in a while.....

kim in oregon

When Tim goes away, my routine is EXACTLY your routine. With ice cream.


Ahh yes! Like Kat, I will read while I eat. And I may skip meals (but never wine). No TV. I love it...but it's always nice when Fletch arrives home again. Enjoy your time!!

Jeannie Gray

I haven't had overnight alone time in years but when the kids were little.... occasionally I'd be able to talk my husband into taking them on some kind of overnight mini vacation and I'd 'sacrifice' myself and stay home to deal with the animals instead of putting them in a kennel. Gosh, I loved those rare weekends! I'd buy $50 worth of junk food and rent a bunch of cheesy romance movies (see, I told you it's been ages!) and lay on the couch, knitting and eating nothing but chips, cookies, cake, ice cream and wine.


Enjoy!!! hummm... it's been a while since I've been here without Marc but I'm for sure with you on 2 & 3 (Holly always sleeps in our bed) and I guess my #1 would be NO TV.


My my, how I treasure those infrequent days when the ‘cat’ is away.
I tend to leave the table filled with my junk, eat whatever I want even if it means I cook that weird recipe, watch those movies that are romance-filled and chick-like, and have popcorn everyday. And the most odd thing I do when I am home alone for a couple days is . . . make chicken stock. (he doesn’t like the “aroma”! )


Good to see alone is not lonely, but is relaxed, enjoyed and sometimes needful.
give it your best!


Smith is never around, but always in the house (does that make sense?) How fun to have a few days to do as you wish! Maybe we can find time to talk about books, amaryllis', and other stuff (like my Mylo!). LOL

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