The Cat's Away. . .
Sometimes Mondays


Friday . . . so glad to see you!


Let's TGIF!

T - Thinking about . . . planners!  I've been researching and asking and watching YouTube videos and trying to figure out which planner would be perfect for me. (Did you know that there are hundreds of YouTube videos documenting how people set up and use their planners?) (I was floored by this.)  (People are zealots about their planners, let me tell you!)  I think I've made my decision.  Planning to order today!

G -  Grateful for . . . a break in the weather.  After days and days of sticky, hot, muggy weather, a cool front finally moved in.  And it looks like it may last a few days.  I'm eager to get outside -- and I'm especially happy to have my windows open again to gentle breezes.

I - Inspired by . . . a personal training session at the gym earlier this week.  Although I work out regularly, I've never worked with a trainer before.  In an attempt to mix things up a bit, I purchased a series of sessions with a trainer at my gym.  I'm inspired to try some new things -- with the confidence that comes from knowing I'm doing them correctly.

F - Fun!  The fall semester of my colored pencil drawing class started up again yesterday.  I love the class - and the structure it provides for me to work on/finish my drawings.  I like learning new things and having the opportunity to experiment a bit.  Plus . . . I really like the people in my class.  Many of us have been working together for years now, so there's friendship and support and laughter and encouragement.  Great fun - every Thursday afternoon.  (And sometimes a beer afterward.  BONUS.)

Here's to a great Friday - to start off a great weekend - for all of you!

See you Monday.




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Happy Friday! I'm curious to see your Planner...though I have never been a "planner person." LOL I just like the way they look...I'm not disciplined enough to use one. I start out with gusto and after only a month or so I'm finished. Our weather has finally broken too. It is still a bit on the humid side, but much, much cooler than the past week. And tomorrow - even cooler (just in time for the NJ Sheep & Wool). Also curious about what new routines you are incorporating into your workout. And, of course, seeing more of your drawing. Enjoy the weekend!!


The weather is MARVELOUS, isn't it?? I am thrilled to open windows & doors and turn off that blasted air conditioner (though I've never been happier that we made that purchase than I was this summer).

Have a wonderful weekend, Kym!


Yeah hurrah to Fridays.
Planners - mine are the back of used envelopes, day to day.
Weather - I am patiently waiting for a more distinctive change.
Exercise - slowly getting back to the routine, ah glad to be home.
Fun - with my monthly knitting group knitting knockers.

Patty the idea but I also seem to fizzle out. And I love pens and paper, etc. You would think I'd be all about it! you - still at it! Fortunate that our instructor mixes it up all the time. and comfy here and like Vicki so thankful DRD put AC on the living floor this bloody hot summer! Happy you're back at it with the drawing class...I'm feeling the need for some kind of regular group...just need the courage to make the leap! #commitmentishard Have a great weekend Kym! xoxo


I can't wait to see what planner you decided on! And, yes... the volume of planner info on YouTube is just Crazy Town! Ha!

Have a fantastic weekend! I am so jelly of those open windows!


I've been thinking about planners also, but am still unsure of what will work best for me. I am anxious to see what you've decided on and how you'll use it. (But planner videos on youtube? That makes me laugh and shake my head!)

I'm also looking forward to you maybe sharing more of your artwork with us in the future, along with the slow movement of this cool front you speak of. It hasn't made it to NJ yet, but I'm very hopeful!

kim in oregon

Happy Friday! I bought a new planner for house stuff that is titled "Organized Chaos". Yep.


I ditched the planner when I got my first Palm Pilot and I've never looked back. I do love using my journal for planning purposes, though, so there is that. Hooray for more moderate temperatures! Our AC is off for the first time in over a week and I'm so glad. Enjoy your watercolor class and that personal trainer. I had a fabulous one and she moved away and I never found another that I clicked with like I did with her.


When I was in Orlando, I had a personal trainer. We were together for 6 years. Best money I EVER spent.


It is still very warm and humid here, but the rain has begun and we are in for a weekend of very heavy rain! Hope you have a great weekend!


Happy Friday!


ooohhh, I can't wait to see your new planner (I too, was floored by all the YouTubes ... about all kinds of things!) Enjoy your weekend, Kym!


September 1st brought in perfect autumnal weather. We've loved the open windows, the beautiful skies, and cool mornings. This trend looks to be sticking around. I have looked at a lot of planner zealot websites and videos. I found a method that works for me in a non-planner sort of way. I like seeing the month at a glance and having a space for daily lists (which are not needed daily). Come winter, I hope to get back into a creative mind, painting, sewing, (even knitting) as we'll be stuck inside. (I wonder how Mylo will like winter weather.)

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