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It has been really rainy this summer up north -- and especially in the last month or so.  The lake level is higher now that it was earlier this summer (which never happens).  The mosquitoes are out of control.  And there are mushrooms growing everywhere in the woods.

Here are three mushrooms that I found particularly impressive this week . . . 




I love the colors and shapes and textures of the mushrooms.  (The mosquitoes?  Not so much.)


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Somehow this was a week of non reading blogs so catching up is on the agenda. The mushrooms are,so photogenic and so are the pants!

P.S. Are any of the mushrooms edible?


Those mushrooms are impressive! I am in agony with mosquito bites this week!

Jeannie Gray

Those are some pretty impressive mushrooms! We've been in the same boat with the weather. Rain, rain and more rain! And when it's not raining, it feels like it is because the humidity has been so high. We only had about 3 days this whole summer where the humidity was below 85%. Thankfully Hurricane Florence sucked up our weather and for the last 2 days it's been sunny with lower humidity levels. .... And as I typed that, clouds suddenly rolled in and it looks like it might rain! Aack!


The mushrooms are fascinating. I noticed a crop outside our bedroom window sprinting up. The area is very shaded and mossy plus Maine had record humidity this summer. Wonder what I’ll see in Ct.?


Between all the rain and the oppressive humidity, I feel as though I am turning into a fungus of some kind - lol. That pink one is particularly pretty. Between mosquitoes and other bugs, I am literally covered in bites. I don't remember a summer ever being so bad!


We have red ones like that in the yard of the house we rent on the cape - and something always nibbles them and leave white spots so it looks like Super Mario World!


The middle photo is SO perfect!


I think those mushrooms are quite pretty! We have the same situation here; yesterday was our first day without rain in two weeks, but today it's raining again. We've got mushrooms that look (and smell) like something dead and rotten on the lawn, and some that even look like snickerdoodles, (but I'm not going to taste-test). :-)


It is just amazing how the fungi takes advantage of bursts of rain! Great photos!


I'd never seen those red/pink tops until this summer. I guess it was unusually wet here, too. (thankfully, we haven't seen too many mosquitos *knocks on wood*)


Interesting. Honestly the mosquitoes must be bad every where that all the rain fell. They are positively awful here.


Our condo has been overwatering the lawn (don't get me started) and I have NEVER seen so many varieties of mushrooms in my life! We do not have any red mushrooms (SO COOL!), but there have been tiny lacy fairy types, and soft crinkled lavendarish sorts and one yesterday that was the size of a dinner plate! I have so many pictures on my phone, but even more in my head. Thankfully, we do not have your mosquito problem.


I love sagey #3. And those skeeters...ugh!

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